#FromMyBackPack Video Series

I haven’t written anything in over a year, I’m more than just rusty, anyways…

#FromMyBackPack is something I thought about when I was in Doha International Airport. Which is a way to document a journey through an over the shoulder shot. Of course you need someone else to do that for you, but I travel solo. I’ve seen Griffin Hammond video once that he did it and here is how.

I did it differently, I just put the GoPro on top of a monopod, and that monopod in my side pocket of my backpack and I got this.

I thought it would be cool for photos, and I decided to document the interesting points of the trip using this style. At the same time record few videos with it and my DSLR, and maybe come up with something when I’m done with the trip.

That something became the #FromMyBackPack Series, 5 Episodes of each city I’ve been starting from Doha -> Berlin -> Paris -> Lisbon -> Brussels & Antwerp.

Here are the episodes, enjoy the show, and please leave me your feedback on YouTube

Episode 1 : Doha
Episode 2 : Berlin
Episode 3 : Paris
Episode 4 : Lisbon
Episode 5 : Brussels & Antwerp


The Hardest Part Of Traveling No One Talks About

Great Article, says a lot of things I felt many times

Thought Catalog

image - Flickr / Corie Howell image – Flickr / Corie Howell

You see the world, try new things, meet new people, fall in love, visit amazing places, learn about other cultures – then it’s all over. People always talk about leaving, but what about coming home?

We talk about the hard parts while we’re away – finding jobs, making real friends, staying safe, learning social norms, misreading people you think you can trust – but these are all parts you get through. All of these lows are erased by the complete highs you experience. The goodbyes are difficult but you know they are coming, especially when you take the final step of purchasing your plane ticket home. All of these sad goodbyes are bolstered by the reunion with your family and friends you have pictured in your head since leaving in the first place.

Then you return home, have your reunions, spend your first two…

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Klout Mobile is here, and I LOVE it

kloutAnyone who works in Social Media marketing, or a social media geek knows Klout. It’s simply a magical tool that tells you how “influential” are you in social media. The rate is up to 100. And anything above 55 is good.


Oh, it’s showing off time…. according to Klout, I’m the 75th most influential person on twitter back in 2011


Back to Klout, so this tool has been on the web for a while now, not very insightful, it just tells you, you’re good at this and that, but doesn’t help you get better. Just a few tips here and there, but that’s it.

Now, Klout has gone mobile, and it’s very good.

You can select types of information you’re already influential in or trying to be, and Klout will suggest you a stream of different articles to read and share.

You can schedule posts on Klout directly. It might be glitchy for now, but this tool is promising.

Take a look at the app.

so far it’s only on iOS, and Android will follow soon.


Aspire Zone Foundation Earth Hour 2014 Campaign

This is one of my favorite campaigns I took part in.

In Aspire Zone Foundation, we cope very fast with new branding and trends, interactive back- and fore-grounds for twitter, or Logo/header intersections on Facebook.

We have done this with many campaigns, but this time, there is something cool about it.

It’s for earth hour, when the whole world goes black for an hour. We are adapting the “+” in “60+” in Earth Hour’s logo. We’re going black for 5 days instead of an hour.

Aspire Zone will go black on the day, March 29th, from 8:30om – 9:30pm

We have taken all our social media black for the day in a cool design of our iconic Torch Doha Hotel and Khalifa International Stadium

Here is the look and feel of our social media:

insta L&F

G+ L&F

facebook L&F

twitter - L&F

كفاية إنكار

من زمان و انا بقول و بتفشخر بماضي مصر و بقول بلد الفراعنة و حضارة ٧٠٠٠ سنة و ذكرت في القرآن و كل الكلام ده.  اعتقد ٩٩٪ من الشعب استخدم الجملتين دول

لكن السؤال هو هل الجملتين دول كانوا سبب لتطوير الحضارة دي ( وده الطبيعي يعني) ولا كانوا جملتين هروب من واقع اليم؟
هل مصر بلد حضارة؟ أكيد
هل مصر بلد حاضر؟ أكيد لأ
لكن هل مصر بلد مستقبل؟

يبقى كفاية فشخرة كدابة بماضي -مانستهلوش- لأننا لم نطوره إطلاقا، مش بس كده احنا حتى ما حفظناش عليه، من سرقة و حرق و تلوث و هدم و قرف. حتى ترميم ماضي الفراعنة البعثات الأجنبية هي اللي بتعمله – عيب قوي

كفاية انانية! دي بلد مش زريبة يا شعب…سيبك من كلام كل واحد لازم يشارك في تطوير البلد، خلينا نبص عليها من الناحية التانية
كل واحد فينا مشارك في المصيبة دي، من تأثير سلبي مباشر، او غير مباشر أو حتى عدم الإهتمام بالتأثير
هي ايه المصيبة؟ انا اقولك

مصر في يوم من الأيام كانت مصدر العلوم، و الفن و الإعلام و غيره من الفشخرة بتاعة الماضي.
على سبيل المثال، والدتي راحت قطر (ايوة البلد اللي البقر بيتريقوا عليها ليل نهار عشان صغيرة) سنة ٧٨ أو ٧٩ . و اياميها كان معظم لو مش كل “المعلمين” مصريين. و علموا اجيال و اجيال من الشعب القطري و غيره من الجنسيات.  أمي بتحكيلي عن الفرق بين كلمة مصري دلوقتي و زمان
مصري زمان يعني متعلم و شخص راقي و متطور عن باقي العرب، دلوقتي مصري عبارة عن شخص متفزلك،  حرامي معظم الأحيان و كلمنجي إلا من رحم ربي

و كل واحد فينا شارك في نفس المصيبة دي. اشتغاله لسائح ولا نصباية بقى .. ولا بلطجة و لا فشخرة من بتوعنا، ده غير قلة الأدب في السواقة و الألفاظ و القائمة تطول و تطول من المميزات المصرية الفاخرة اللي اصبحنا معروفين بيها في الداخل و الخارج

كفاية ابوس ايديكم

احنا باقينا ملطشة و مسخرة العالم! و احنا شايفين ان الإهتمام الأجنبي ده عشان احنا مهمين و بيزود من قيتمنا!! بالعكس تماماً، ده زيادة الطينة بلة و قطران

عشان نتغير لازم نعترف اننا وصلنا للقاع، و بدأنا نحفر فيه لتحت كمان بلا توقف. انا مش بتكلم عن سياسة، ابو السياسة عاللي يمارسها. انا بتكلم عن مجتمع وصلت بيه درجة الإنحطاط ان التحرش بقى اسلوب احتفال بعيد ديني بعد شهر عن الإنقطاع عن الأكل و الشرب لله!!!!  و اللي ماشي بيبتسم على “شقاوة” الشباب
وصل بالشعب الإنحطاط انه لما يرمي الزبالة و تقوله غلط كده يقولك يا عم ما كله بيعمل كده و بيكابر

مصر (القاهرة بالذات) من البلاد اللي قليل اللي يحب يزورها تاني لو تعامل مع اهلها  -و متقوليش بعض و مش كله و كده، عارفين والنعمة- … احنا فعلا بنحفر في القاع، بس لسه شايفين نفسنا فوق السحاب
انكار الذات اصبح اكبر آفاتنا

 ايه الهدف من كل الكلام ده. الإعتراف ان مصر لم تعد دولة ذات حاضر و قيمة. ثروة البلاد شعوبها و نحن  شعب بلا ثروة و المواطن بلا قيمة، محليا أو دوليا. كفاية شماعة المؤامرة لأن  نظريات المؤامرة أول خطوة في طريق الإنكار; لا ينفذ ما يسمى ب”المخطط الخارجي” غير من بداخل البلد، مش امريكا ولا اسرائيل ولا زفت. العيب فينا احنا

ابدأ بنفسك – أمط الأذى عن وطنك

Cairo Kills

I was away for almost 8 months. Living in the calm and a bit dull Doha. The first few weeks were hard, I missed Egypt. I wanted to go back to the craziness and chaos of Cairo, that somehow made me feel alive, but I was stuck there for a long while.

Now I’m back.

Am I happy that I’m back? Of course, I met all the people I miss. Cairo is still the same messy place! but it got even more messy.

One thing people who lived in Cairo and travelled a lot can tell you, Cairo never changes; it’s been the same messy place since I came here the first time in 2005. The same messed up roads are still bad, the same vegetable seller is still blocking part of the street and causing a traffic jam, and the same shitty hole that mess up your car is still in it’s place. Nothing changes. Not to the better at least.

But how come I see it more messy? I guess because my prospective changed. It kinda happens every time I get out of here. The time I spent in Doha, made me calmer, I drive in a straight line, I don’t curse while driving (not as much), I just lived a very calm, stressless life… for a while. I ate better, I didn’t get food poison for 8 months! it’s a recored for someone like me.

I had few ideas and I hate the time to work on, yes, not so many inspirations in town, but the country tries to “buy” or “get” them from wherever they are to inspire the locals and the residences to be more creative, or more productive. Yes, that’s right, the government is doing that.

Now I’ve been here for a little over a month, I barely open the car window, it’s fucken noisy! and above that, the air very polluted that it has a color now! My tempter while driving is back! my curses are back! and I got food poison the week I got here! Friends and people who used to inspire me are losing hope! The youth for GOD’s sake! they are losing hope for a better Egypt. If you see them in early 2011, they were really inspired and highly motivated, but the idiots who has and are ruling the country are gifted with ruining youth!

So, if you don’t die in the street, by a miss-fire, or die because you are “activist” or in a car crash in these fucked up roads, or by pollution, or maybe cause you were trying to protect a woman who was getting harassed, like a brave kid who just did few days ago, or because you were watching a football game, or in a balloon, or in a train, or in a car hit by a train, or a bus also hit by a train, or from sadness, then there is a big chance you would die because of how depressed this city can make you!


Okay, this might be too dark! but who lives here, the country/government are somehow their worst enemy!

The country is full of creative people, who still believe they can make change, as long as they are away and in their bubble, till they are strong enough to face the punches they will get and survive them, then maybe they can achieve something!

Cairo Kills, not just your soul!

Doha after the rain

Here are some shots of Doha, Qatar after it rained for over 10 hours. Check the Doha Album on flickr.

Mirrored in the rain

Stop! or not.