Ideas for Mobile applications

Hey Everyone,

Today we had a very nice day in uni. It was a workshop in the HCI ( Human Computer Interaction ) course , and a lot of Nice technologies were presented in the best way.

Silverlight & WPF   By mohammed Azab

Flex and flash        By Saher El Naklawy

JAVA me               By Bahia

Andriod                 By Mariam

Actually I was interested in Android. Android is the new  mobile Operating System that google lunched very recently.

So basically I’m interested into creating new mobile application , However android is a very rich OS , it supports multi-touch , drag and drop and a lot of the cool features in any sophisticated mobile.

Anyways , the point of this post , is to get Ideas in Mobile application , what have you ever faced or needed in your mobile !

any type of application, or maybe a game you wanted in your mobile , ( please not SIMS )

share some ideas with me ….


4 thoughts on “Ideas for Mobile applications

  1. why not SIMS =) ? lool sorry
    ok a mobile application i would find very useful on my cell phone , would be an application that allows you to edit music on your phone. Just like there are applications that edit photos on your phone , it would be nice to have one that could splice your music files, remix them , change tempos .. etc

    maybe this application does exist! but thanks to my “knowledge” of hightech i have no clue about it lol


    • Yeaaah , thats a VERY nice idea !

      maybe an application that gives you the ability to take any 30 seconds of a song .. that you have .. you cut it or manage it .. to make it your ringing tone masalan !!!

      aywa baa2aaa

      Keep’em up 😀


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