Ubiquity Quick Review

Last Monday , in our Open-source course , we tried new Firefox add-on called Ubiquity.

It is a VERY cool add-on that has a lot of features, it integrates with -almost- everything. Just click CTRL-SPACE then you have this nice interfaced black box, that once you type anything , you are inside a world of commands – Geeky ones – that do anything for you. for example – if you are in a page .. and you like it and wanna send it to anyone .. just do the following

  2. type    mail    <your friends adress >
  3. Thats it !! why are you looking for more steps ???

Whats nice is how fast it is , and how simple things can be .. AMAZING.


that’s the download link, remember you have to have a firefox web browser. So ,In the last class we wrote our own command for Ubiquity.  it should do the following:

  1. Take a command as an input
  2. and return its author.

we were struggling for almost 2 hours of searching and trying many commands maybe it will work. I will post a tutorial of how to write commands and some hints.

The key to do our task was this command <getCommand(cmd.name)>   it returns  an object ( command ) where you can access anything in it , such as  author’s name or email- command’s name . etc.

most of us knew it ,and wrote it how it should be . But still there was a problem. It did not work ! …


“There is a way where you can debug your development (javascript and html) live on your browser. It is not related to ubiquity, it is a general way for development on the web. ” Dr.Fatma Moawad

Our friend saher discovered – after almost 2 hours – that this command does not work in ubiquity 0.5.4 , which we all have .it only works on Ubiquity 0.5.5  , yeah , how nice !     However i can’t find it ! lol .. so didn’t finish this command yet ! although i wrote it – i think – correctly.

Next assignment is to write a command from out own imagination. I still didn’t have a clear idea of what i should create.any ideas let me know.


3 thoughts on “Ubiquity Quick Review

  1. Mostafa, I test the sign command. It works well, it is static of course and it doesn’t relate to G-osc
    However, good work

    I am disappointed that I didn’t find a blog post about the command as requested. This has marks on it.


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