BUG day @ Mozilla !

yeah!! How cool !! ..

Mozilla has a special day every Tuesday, it is bug day, where everyone in world get in their irc channel #bugday and discuss all their contribution to bugzilla. It will very helpful in our Community , as we will contribute and fiz some bugs in mozzila inshaAllah, and getting help from experts is needed.

// if you don’t have irc yet then check out this post to set it up Get IRC on your Machine

They have different timing for all around the world , so it wont be 300,000 users in one channel 😛

  • East Asia/Australia session: 8pm-10pm in Tokyo, Japan (GMT+9)
  • Europe/Africa session: 8pm-10pm in Paris, France  –  Cairo, Egypt (GMT+2)
  • Americas session: 9pm-11pm in New York, New York (GMT-4) / 6pm-8pm in San Francisco, California (GMT-7)

Some links to help you around:

Bugday’s Wiki

Bugday’s first Blog Post

Mozilla QA blog

/* quoted from bugday’s wiki


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