The White House Goes Open Source !!!!!!!

Ooooh Yes ,

okey for those of you who thinks that the White house IT SELF that went Open source , or think that linus will be the president !hmmmmm… no comment !

anyways, the website it self went open source, has gone Drupal. yea !.  and it has been on their minds for months !

by being open source, the White House is opening itself up to all the bright ideas, powerful plug-ins, and innovative tools that the considerable community of Drupal aficionados come up with. It’s a community that the White House says it is eager to tap into. “Open source is a great form of civic participation,” the White House’s Phillips told me this afternoon. “We’re looking forward to getting the benefit of their energy and innovation.”

Tech President Blog

What do you people Think !?


2 thoughts on “The White House Goes Open Source !!!!!!!

  1. Shesh,

    How can I make your processing code work? Can you send me a zip with everything in place for it to work? just let me know what you need to make it work


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