iWorld Mockup

This post is a mockup about the application i’m doing for the jetpack Design challenge.

The application is called iWorld – it lets the user adds (register) to their favorite social network, mail, blogs and even RSS feeds. It is a simple interactive application.  this picture  shows how it would look like simply.

A preview of iworld

since it is going to be jetpack application, which means everything in the browser.First the user registers in any of the offered feature ( right window) and enable it , it pops a box inside the iWorld window, where the user re-sizes it and puts it where he/she likes , which makes iWorld personalize to each user. The cool feature in iWorld is the notification feature , where is uses the notification built-in function from jetpack to notify the  user if any update occurs (represented in the yellow box up-left).

This mockup image was done by  Balsamiq, amazing flash tool.


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