Quick Review on Ubuntu 10.04 for End Users

Well , I am not really an expert nor a geek , but I’ve used ubuntu since 8.04. So I’d like to start with the main change in Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)   User Interface.
If you haven’t seen it before here is a look.

So they changed the known brownish ubuntu usual look into a purple dark looking theme. Which i find very nice and more friendly than the previous ubuntu theme.

Then comes the change of the location of the task bar ( close , minimize , maximize  Bar ) from the normal ubuntu – windows  right , to the -Mac- Left position as shown in the previous picture.

Menu Bar

These looked good to me, Although I don’t encourage the copying from other operating systems, as it is adds negative points to ubuntu. That pissed some  People in open source community that made them do a script to return the buttons  to the right position again !


What I personally love about the 10.04 ubuntu is the new communication manager ( chat , Social Network and mail ) all in one icon on the main task bar on top. It is just simple and easy to use. It is called Empathy, Kinda a clone from the well known communication agent ‘Pidgin’ . However it still have some bugs that you have to report and re-report everytime u startup the machine.

Software Center

And Finally the Download Agent – Previously known as  Add-Remove Programs , it is more user-friendly now, and have more programs to install.

I’ve been trying it for a week now , that’s what i like so far , in web development and other technical issues could be in an up coming review. This was just a quick ( end-user ) Review. Hope you liked it .


8 thoughts on “Quick Review on Ubuntu 10.04 for End Users

  1. I agree with omar 10.04 even has purple screens on it’s icons :O. I fortaunately quickly changed my window control positions back to the right and changed the theme to dust. Bad Mac! 😛

    But on a serious note the ubuntu team really gotta stop this mac phase. Linux is not Unix and Linux fans don’t want it to be :).


  2. i prefer Pidgin…it’s suits most of my needs…even if a had a few problems with pidgin inthe 9.04 version…not it works fine on 9.10 vers. emphaty is to much simple….


    • Yea , pidgin is really nice .. i started using it after i had many errors from empathy.
      and you are correct empathy is too simple . and i think that’s why it is successful.

      Too many options and they are all good !! i hate that lol


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