Must Have Applications on Ubuntu for Web Developers

As we all know, the new ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx is now available for download . It is a very nice operating system, I posted earlier a Quick-Review on Ubuntu, you can check it out and see what’s new and cool about the new Ubuntu.

However in this post, and as a web developer, I will recommend the things that web developers can’t live without in this open source operating system.  We will look at development tools and applications that would increase productivity as well as applications that we developers can’t live without in our personal or work life.

If the application has a * beside it’s name that means it can be downloaded from Ubuntu’s Software Center – in Applications menu.

Internet tools


  • Firefox : You don’t have to worry about this , it is already pre-installed in Ubuntu 🙂 , however here some very useful Firefox extensions .


  • Chrome * : It is a fast web browser that is always helpful in quick search and email checking ( specially if you have Gmail ). Here are some useful extensions to install in your Chrome. Download.

Chrome on Ubuntu 10.04

Development tools


  • Eclipse*, The famous open-source IDE for (mainly) Java Developers, and many frameworks such as Ruby on Rails , C/C++, etc. Download.

Eclipse in Ubuntu


  • Aptana*, is a Development tool based on Eclipse for Ruby on Rails Development, can be downloaded as


  • MonoDevelop Main Window



  • Kate*, is a KDE powerful text editor, for HTML, Ruby, Python and others, Download. KDE text editors tend to be easy to use with it’s ability to auto complete from the current document or opened documents.

Kate in Ubuntu


  • GIMP*, is the replacement of Adobe Photoshop in Linux, Download. This is the best program for designers.

Gimp in Linux


  • Filezilla*. is an application for FTP connection to mainly upload content to your web server. Download




  • Terminator*, is an application for running multiple terminals in one window, saves time and effort. Download.

Terminator in Linux


  • DropBox*, is a software to sync your data Online for multiple computer access and backup, starting with 2GB free, Download.

DropBox in Ubuntu

Virtual Box

  • Sun Virtual Box*, well it is a sun product (never the less it is owned by Oracle) it’s an application for running virtual machines on the local machine, it is useful for running windows over Ubuntu, or running any other operating system. Download.

Sun Virtual Box in Linux

Cool-to-have programs


  • Docky*, is an interactive dock to replace the bottom panel, it is  Mac-OS-dock-like . However very useful and good design. Download.

Ubuntu Tweak

  • Ubuntu Tweak*, is a user friendly application to config Ubuntu , install new application and add new features, Download.
Ubuntu Tweak in Linux

That’s it guys,

Hope this small list could be helpful, any program you think is a must have for your self, please don’t think twice, leave a comment 🙂


33 thoughts on “Must Have Applications on Ubuntu for Web Developers

    • Well When i wrote this post i was not interested in gedit … i didn’t know how strong it is !
      I still think kate is awesome though. But Gedit is a must have for sure. I will update this post with my new thoughts .. Thanks 🙂


  1. Sorry to say, but this is a pretty terrible list of recommended applications for web developers. It could just as well be a list for Ubuntu users in general.

    First of all you missed some of the pretty standard applications for web developers, as for an example Filezilla, as some other readers already mentioned, but you also left out my favorite IDE, Geany 🙂

    Second of all you mention some KDE applications, which is fine if you can’t think of any better Gnome alternatives, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone to run KDE applications in Gnome unless there isn’t any Gnome-alternatives (which Geany is).

    Third of all I don’t see why VLC, Skype and Docky are “Must have” applications for web developers.


    • You are absolutely right. This list is a mix of regular user and web developer .. not only web developers.
      I made this list a looong while ago. and when I looked at it today. I really think it needs to be updates.

      About KDE programs. I love KDE , you don’t have to use KDE only if there is no GNOME version of it, it still runs effectively without any problems, specially that most of linux OS has KDE versions , such as Ubuntu and suse.

      Geany is great . but not that great. gedit for me is better.

      VLC , skype are not ofcourse a must have .. AT ALL . I donno what i was thinking back then 😀

      Thank you for your comment ..I think i need to update this list


  2. What about a good CSS editor? I ran a program on Windows called Artisteer which was a user-friendly blog css formatting program. Miss it on Ubuntu, but don’t feel advanced enough with CSS to download a direct editing program…


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  4. Hey everyone,
    I just started using Ubuntu 14.04, mainly because i don’t like Windows anymore end also because i read that Ubuntu is an excellent system for web development.
    I love working in Ubuntu but i am missing some tools.
    I am a starting developer and now i know basic HTML and CSS.
    When i started i used Dreamweaver, then Brackets and i ended up with notepad++.
    The reason i ended with notepad++ is because it’s easy to use and it doesn’t make the code for you so i have to type everything out. And that’s a good thing because otherwise i don’t learn the code good enough.
    Right now i’m learning PHP.

    I am looking for a good program that can handle multiple kinds of code starting with HTML, CSS and PHP and in the future i want to learn more.
    I like the code to be colored.
    I hope you guys know some good apps for this.
    (tips for a good way to learn PHP are also welcome, I’m just starting and it difficult to get it right.)


      • hey Bjarki, got a question for you. I am following the tutorial (vimtutor) and it says that when i start up and i want to edit a document that i have to open it with – vim ‘filename’ -. Does that mean that i have to remember all the filenames to open them? Because that’s not possible. there are to much file’s in a site to remember all there names. Now i use bluefish and on the left i have all my files and i can navigate to another one easily. How do you do that with vim?


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