13 Must Have Firefox Add-ons for Web Developers

Well, Firefox is one of the best web browsers we have these days, if not the best. It has a great potentials and many great features that makes more than 400 Million users  use this browser. It is open-source, thousands of web developers contribute to it, by reporting or fixing bugs.

With no further introduction I’d like to introduce the most wanted Firefox add-ons by web developers.

These Add ons work on the latest Firefox 3.6.3

1) Firebug

It’s a great way to test , edit and debug any web application on Firefox.

2) Web developer`s toolbar

it adds toolbar and a menu with many tools for web development, like controlling  CSS, HTML and Cookies .

3) ChatZilla

it’s clean, easy to use and highly extensible Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client. Which is the best way to get information and to contact developers in the open source community

4) MeasureIt

The pixels ruler for any element on any web page . Width and Height.

5) Auto Filll Forms

It is the easiest way to auto fill different forms from the date you enter it once, the one you registering a new service , or testing an application you are developing in Firefox.

6) Prism

It is a very nice way to have a shortcut for any needed web application that you usually use, such as Reader, Gmail or facebook. Creating a prism for that web application makes it independent from Firefox and runs alone in an independent window

7) Tab Scope

It is a quick preview and navigation for the opened tabs in Firefox, it shows the window in a small pop up that opens when u hover over the tab’s header.

8) Ubiquity

This is one of my favorite add ons, it helps in almost everything , from searching for information, video to translating almost all languages. And all that is on the run. you get a live result right away, without browsering any website.

Try Youtube (Space) momo’s goal in Qatar  ..  You will get a direct link to that video – and the results are accurate.  (( if you know me Watch the video ))

9) WiseStamp Signature

This is something I’ve always wanted in Gmail, a signature that looks professional. with maybe images. Now thanks to Rock Your Firefox, they’ve given us a cool way of doing it. it is very nice and easy. My favorite feature  in it , that you can add an RSS feed in your signature , like your latest tweet, or your latest blog post ( like in this signature )

10) DownThemAll

This is the recommended download manager from Mozilla, its best feature that you can download all the links in one website by only one click. which I’m actually using it for it !

11) Shareaholic

it’s a simple, good-looking way to share pages you like on the web via social networks, blogs, etc.

Bonus Add ons

Since you are cool viewers, I’ll give you some extra add ons to make your Firefox look better 😉

12) Silvermel

Well, I think this is the most user friendly theme for firefox 3.6  (as many of the old cool ones don’t work anymore) . The icons look much better, and the colors just look beautiful.

There is also another color of it  Caramel.

13) Personal Menu

This Add on is to have a compact view of your browser, to compact all the menues in one which you can edit is as much as you can and personalize it the way you want.

That’s it guys,

Hope you like them and use them for developing the coolest applications. Feel free to leave a comment telling me if you are using any of these, and if you have another web development add-on you recommend, feel free to link it in your comment.

Thanks for reading.

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