9 Must Have Chrome Extension for Web Developers 

Google Chrome is one the most used browsers on the web. It’s super fast yet efficient. Many web developers test their applications on Chrome, also use it for their personal use. Chrome is known for security and their many useful extensions.

This Post will introduce some very useful extensions for web development cycle and also for the personal use .

If you are a Firefox user don’t feel left out, here is a similar article for you. Click on me.

Start first with some useful tools for development, Then the usual Bonus 😉 .

1) FireBug Lite

FireBug lite is a tool for web developers, that allows you to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. It’s taken from the Firebug version for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser.

2) Web Developer tools

This is also one of the known Firefox add-ons and this is the Chrome version of it . It is a cool tool for viewing and debugging webpage elements and features. It has a simple Interface that is easy to use.

3) JQuery Shell

Javascript is getting popular isn’t ? Specially the magical JQuery. This tool will help you get along with it, test it and try some JQuery , Javascript in the current webpage. It is a very nice tool for experimenting and learning both Javascript and JQuery.

4) MeasureIT

Here is also another Firefox extension. It is for measuring any element in the page , height and width of any element in the webpage.

5) Blank Canvas Gmail Signature

This one for Gmail users, to add a nice HTML elements as a signature, make it look nice and professional. It is mainly for adding images in the Gmail signature. I couldn’t live without it !

6) One Number

Since you are using Google browser, most probably you are a fan of Google and their web apps. This extension makes you updated with the famous Google web apps ( Gmail , Reader , Wave and Voice ) all in one icon , which looks nice, yet the interface is editable.

Bonus Extensions

Since you are cool viewers , here is the usual Bonus Part.  Some useful personal-use extensions just for you.

7) Session Manager

Well, this extension is pretty simple and cool. This one saves the Opened tabs in Chrome for maybe a later review or just saves your basic tabs, the ones you usually opens Chrome at. Many uses, simple interface.

8) RSS Subscription Extension

This is the only extension that I am surprised that Chrome didn’t really come with. It adds the RSS feeds icon to the address bar for easy subscription to your favorite blogs, website and other RSS feeds.

9) Shareaholic

Here is one of the cool ways to share anything u like over tens of social network websites. with only one click . Share it to all your friends.

That’s it guys

Hope you liked the posts


7 thoughts on “9 Must Have Chrome Extension for Web Developers 

  1. I assume this extension to embed jQuery into Chrome Console as simple as you can imagine will increase your positive emotions on the Chrome power! This extension also indocates if jQuery has been already embeded into page.

    This extension used to embed jQuery into any page you want. It allows to use jQuery in the console shell (You can invoke Chrome console by “Ctrl+Shift+j”).

    To embed jQuery into selected tab click on extention button.

    LINK to extension: https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/gbmifchmngifmadobkcpijhhldeeelkc


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