How to Use Google Reader and RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds are one of the things that changed the way we read on the internet. By subscribing in a website’s RSS feeds, you get notified for a new post or a new article or maybe receive that article on your email. RSS helped readers have more productivity and saved a lot of time, since they can have multiple sources in one application or one page.

Google Reader is the one of the best ways to have all your RSS feeds in one place and read them easily. It is very simple and easy to use. Of course to use Google Reader, you must have Google account. So if you don’t, you are missing a lot .

In this article, a best-practice-guide to use your Google Reader will be presented, that will help you be more productive and have your favorite websites in one place.

Web Browser

First, you need to have a web browser that supports adding RSS feeds ( There are other ways to do it , but this is -by far- the easiest).


Firefox is cool enough to have it built in. If the website you are in supports RSS (Like this one) you will find an orange icon, like the one above where it will help you subscribe < Will be Explained later >


In chrome you need to install an extension for that, I Explained that extension in this post and it is extension number 8.

How to use RSS

You start by clicking the orange icon on the browser’s address bar. Usually you get the choice of choosing between RSS or Atom ( or maybe comments , which is not our interest for the time being). Atom has little more features than RSS, so I would recommend choosing Atom. Some websites will not support Atom, so you will just use the normal RSS 2.0 feeds. If you wanna know the difference between RSS and Atom here is an article that talks about it.

Then you will get the chance to choose which host will be used for these feeds. You will choose Google > Add to Google Reader.

Google Reader


After you are subscribed to that feed, you will find it in your subscription part in your Google Reader ( which is the last section on the left – as showing in the picture below). You can make folders to organize your feeds when they became a bigger number. By hovering over the item, a small triangle will be visible right next to the name of the item. Click on it and choose “New folder” and name is anything you want. Adding any other feed to that website is done by clicking on the triangle then clicking on the name of your folder.

“More like this … ” option will get you similar blogs or websites to the one you are on. This one is useful if you are looking for more sources of the same subject.


That’s my favorite part in reader. You will see Recommended items and Recommended sources. If you are new to reader they wont be as nice as they will be few more weeks later. They are the smart brain in Google Reader, they give you the famous articles surfing the web. If you “Like” an article, next time you login Reader you will get similar articles in your Recommended Items. Isn’t it cool ?

Recommended sources gets you similar sources to your subscription list.

Another feature of reader, is that you can add a subscription of any website on the internet, even if it doesn’t have an rss feed. Google reader will track it for you. Just click on “add a subscription” on the top left and paste the URL.

People you follow

Those are usually your contact list, or people you decided to follow from their Google Profile. Here is my list, feel free to follow me – I share cool stuff 😛 –


These are simple easy shortcuts for the faster use.

N ————– Next Article

P ————– Previous Article

Shit-S ——– Share item

Shift-A —— Mark All as Read

There are the most useful ones. More shortcuts are located here.

Cool stuff to start with

Here are some list of “lists of cool blogs” that you can subscribe to and start with them.

  • Technology Blogs
  • Ubuntu Lovers
  • Designing
  • Cool Blogs
  • That’s it, Start using Google Reader.


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    1. another feature of reader: you can add a subscription of any website on the internet, even if it doesn’t have an rss feed. Google reader will track it for you. Just click on “add a subscription” on the top left and paste the URL.


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