What Makes Opera A Cool Browsers to Use

Indeed Opera is one of the top browsers on the internet these days. It is in the top 5 browsers on the web. After Firefox,Chrome and Internet Explorer. Opera has a lot of interesting features that I will be talking about in this article. Open is pretty fast, it’s even faster than a boiling potato as Odd & Even Presented.

I will be Starting with the important features then going into some luxury features. First The updates of the new version.


  • new Carakan JavaScript engine,it is a cross-platform h mechanism. now this is fast.  I’ve tried it with the usual web apps like Gmail, or Google Calendar, Twitter or Facebook. It was pretty fast.

Carakan is currently about two and a half times faster at the SunSpider benchmark than the ECMAScript engine in Presto 2.2 (Opera 10 Alpha). Opera core concerns.

  • HTML5 Support. CSS3 Support
  • They added a new Opera Menu button on the left upper corner.
  • A  new interface design that looks simple yet fancy. The best experience with the design is on Windows, as it takes advantage of the new Aero transparency in Windows 7 by having a transparent window bar and quick view of the webpages when it is minimized.
  • Search in the history or the web on the address bar. I personally love that feature in the browser I use, for faster and easier searching.
  • Private Browsing, the history of a visited website is deleted once the website is closed.


Speed Dial

This is a feature seen in many web browsers, the easy access to your favorite websites from your homepage. What’s nice about this one , is after you sort and edit your speed dial, you can just type 1, 2 or any # then click Enter to access that page. Easy, Simple and Smart.  You can add your custom background to that page for more personalization.

Opera Turbo

Turbo helps you boost your internet bandwidth speed by using their own proxy servers. On their servers they compress data and image traffic then send it back to your computer. You sometimes have good internet connection and you don’t need it !!? Sure, Turbo can automatically detect if you have a slow connection or not, so to enable this feature or not.

Opera Link

This feature is for synchronizing your data online for other computers or mobiles. It synchronizes the bookmarks, speed dial, history and notes. Get Started with Opera Link.

Opera Mail

An e-mail client built in Opera for checking, reading and writing emails. It has a simple and professional interface. It integrates with IMAP (e.g. Gmail) and POP (e.g. Hotmail ). Get Started with Opera Mail.

Opera Dragonfly

This is a debugging tool for web developers. Debugging JavaScript and inspect CSS. You can access it from “Page> Developer Tools > Opera Dragonfly”.

Password Manager

This is a very useful feature. It can do two main tasks, first as any password manager, saves your password for later use. As you can trigger it by clicking on the Key Icon on right next to the address bar.

The second task is filling the forms while you are registering in a new website. Just fill the form in  ” Setting>Preference>Forms ” tab.  You can trigger it by ” right click > Insert Personal “.

Download Manager

In Opera , the download managers allows you to pause and continue the download. Not just that, it allows you to download torrent without the need of having separate application because Opera’s Download Manager has a built support for BitTorrent.

Save A Session

This feature is for saving the current opened tabs, if they are maybe usual tabs such as mail or news, you can save them by selecting  the Opera icon ” Tabs and Windows > Sessions > Save this session”

Window Tabs

This is a simple overview of the opened pages right on the window bar. You can select it’s lower frame and enlarge it as much as you need for a quick review.

Luxury Features

These features are very interesting, however you can live without them. These are just for people who likes trying different features 😀

Mouse Gestures

This is my personal favorite. Using some combination of the mouse you can have shortcuts in the browser. Access the previous page (hold right click and move the mouse left) , or the next page (hold right click and move the mouse right ) and many other cool mouse gestures that can be used. Here is a link for some useful gestures.

Opera Unite

Now this is a cool feature but the only problem is, its best use when your friends have Opera as well. It can be activated from the bottom bar, then after the registration you will have your domain on operaunite.com . After activating Opera Unite a side bar will be visible with some of the new options in Opera and Opera Unite.

Opera Unite lets you share your stuff directly to your friends. No need for uploading to a website. It simply adds a server to your web browser and other can simply connect to it.

The Opera Unite server is located in your Opera browser on your computer as part of Opera Unite. A proxy server is used when no direct connection is established, and this proxy server is currently located in Norway. No data is stored on any Opera-owned servers. Opera Unite

Using Opera Unite will allow you to have many applications, some of them are really nice to have. There is a messenger for talking with your opera friends, file sharing, photo sharing, your media player and your web server. for more info about Opera Unite check this link.

Opera Widgets

If all the previous features are not enough for you, they made you Opera Widgets, where you can download more widgets and features for better and personalized browser. The widgets run outside of the browser so you can browse independently from your opened widgets.

That’s it, Enjoy browsing with Opera . Download


3 thoughts on “What Makes Opera A Cool Browsers to Use

  1. I don’t know, i’ve used Opera for a while but i didn’t really like it ! I couldn’t feel any advantage over Chrome or Firefox. But, i gotta admit the turbo thing is very beneficial on slow or limited bandwidth internet (USB modems)


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