What Makes Google Chrome Super Cool

Google Chrome spreading like zombies! Once you try it, you don’t really quit it. It is just simple and fast. Not that flexible to personalize like Firefox, but still has many nice features. It comes after Firefox as the #2 best web browsers, some Google fans think it will become the #1 soon , specially after releasing their stable version and their support on Linux-Ubuntu.

Google Chrome is as fast as lightning, sound wave and even than shooting a potato through a very long pipe !!!

Check out the speed test video.

These are the things that makes chrome just Cool.


Chrome Support adding some cool extensions and does not require restart. Here are some useful extensions for personal use and web development. And this is Google’s extension gallery.


Also Chrome supports adding themes. Check out these themes. Also you can find other themes in the extension gallery themes.

Sync Passwords and bookmarks

You can easily sync your bookmarks and passwords with your Gmail and use them on any other computer you use. Just go to settings menu on the right top corner then Options > Personal Stuff tab > Bookmark Sync .

Desktop Shortcut

A cool way to have a shortcut to your favorite web application or web site. Just visit that website/web app and click on the Page menu right next to the settings menu , then Create application shortcuts..   And you are done !

Developers Tool

This tool is for inspecting elements and debugging JavaScript. It’s simple and very useful for web development. You can access it from the Page menu > Developer >  Pick One.

Private Browsing

The incognito mode, helps you have a private browsing with no history saved. Ctrl+Shift+N and you’ve got a new tab with private browsing.

And the reason why Google Chrome super cool is.

It’s Just Fast !!

Google Chrome is my default web browser for only one reason. This is the same reason that makes it Super Cool.


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