Windows 7 Must have Programs (Bonus Edition)

I’ve Posted earlier a list of must-have programs on Windows 7. In this post the list will be completed with a bonus list. This list will make Windows 7 much cooler. This list is more into interface and make it looks nicer also some tweaks for a nicer user experience.

All Programs in this list are Free and Downloadable, Download Links are available after each program description.

Bonus Programs

Jumplist Extender

One of the cool features of Windows 7 is the Jumplist of the dock. Right click on an icon and you get shortcuts using this program. Some programs did not know Windows can be that cool, so they didn’t really support that feature. JumpList Extender helps you add those shortcuts to the (right-click) jumplist. Just know the keyboard short cut for the action you want and add it.

Download Jumplist Extender.


The easiest way to upload images online, have a folder that uploads automatically once you add any new image to it. It also has another web-based version. It’s a Google application. They tend to make their application just fast and awesome !

Download Picasa

Moo Multi-Desktop

This feature is one thing I’ve been looking for since I tried Ubuntu. It is very useful, Com’on Microsoft you’ve copied most of your work, can’t you just copy this one too!! Anyways, This application adds this feature to your Windows 7.  However you can’t have the same program running in two different desktops. Chrome works , but in a scary way. You can have different web browsers for each desktop for example. Yet it’s a nice add to Windows 7.

Download Moo.


Here is one way to have a cool way to switch between opened apps, It’s a mac-like application. Clicking “Windows+~” you get all the opened applications in a grid all over your screen(s) and by pressing the number on that app you just switch to it. You can also search by typing the tab name, it auto completes in a nice way, it filters the tabs and keeps the ones the matches your text.

Download Switcher


Here is my favorite way to clear and make your desktop looks better and simpler. If you have many icons, folder and files, I recommend you try this. It create fences ( Blank transparent boxes ) where you group your files,folders in. This way you will have different fences on your desktop grouping all your stuff. double Click will Vanish all your fences, for clear desktop. You can exclude icons from disappearing by ” Right-click > Exclude this icon from Fences Quick hide “.

Download Fences


Need more apps for your Windows 7. Get this one, it gives you a huge list of applications to install and keep them updated with time.

Download AppSnap

Open Arena

That’s an open source Shooting Game. It is pretty cool, You walk around collecting guns and ammo and shooting other creatures, it has different game types ( Capture the flag, last man standing etc. ) It’s free, online gaming free as well and it’s pretty fast. If you are looking for a new game to addict online, here you go !

Download Open Arena

That’s it Guys, Hope you liked the list, Please comment and share if you have any cool Application you wanna share with the readers.


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