Must Have Programs on Your Windows 7

As we all Know, Microsoft fixed their mistake of publishing Vista by making the fastest selling operating system in history, Windows 7. Microsoft did right this time, Windows 7 is really an operating system that you can depend on. It is stable enough for a Windows product. It has a nice simple interface with a very nice dock. It’s relatively fast comparing to Vista, yet they fixed the compatibility issues. If you are not using it, you’re missing a lot.

In this post I’ll recommend some of the programs you must have on your Windows 7. Those are the main programs, for programs lovers and for those of you who like trying new apps,I will add a bonus post in a while. In the bonus post you will find another set of programs for making Windows 7 even cooler.

All Programs in this list are Free and Downloadable, Download Links are available after each program description.


A Free Antivirus for your Windows 7. It’s not really that annoying like other antivirus applications, it does everything on the background and alerts you when it updates its database ( Do you really care about its database?? ).

Download Avast


Of course Firefox is a part of any computer using any operating system. The famous web browser is the first must have app in any computer. I personally like it for it’s customization features.  Here is a list of cool add-ons to install in your Firefox.

Download Firefox.


Google dazzles us again with an amazing product. This web browser is just fast. And it’s super cool and here is why. Here is a list of cool extensions to have in Chrome.

Download Chrome.


By default Windows have a slow booting process and the startup programs makes it worse. This application makes you control all that and help u enhance and speed up starting your machine. They call the software "Anti-Frustration Software". I just love the name !!

Download Soluto.


I love Open Source applications. Here is a Mozilla application for reading and writing emails on your desktop. Not only that it has many other features such as calendar syncing and task handling. It works perfectly on Windows 7.

Download Thunderbird.


Here is a free image manipulation program. It is a free GNU version of the "Photoshop". Now you can get this cool program in windows 7.

Download Gimp.


Another Open Source Program for Developers. Here is the famous IDE for mostly Java,C/C++ and many others.

Download Eclipse.


If you are reading this, this the probability of you being a Social Network user is high ( Don’t ask ). Here is my personal favorite social network updates program, it keeps you updated with your Twitter,Facebook,Linkedin And now Google Buzz. The interface is very nice, Although it has the most annoying notification sound on earth. It’s still very nice once your mute it. It is Adobe Air application thus it’s platform independent, works fine for all Operating Systems. There is also an iPhone version of TweetDeck.

Download TweetDeck.


All in one communication agent. You can chat with all your contacts on Gmail, MSN, Yahoo , ICQ and many other services. Well although the pidgin it self looks stupid ! but the software is actually awesome.

Download Pidgin.


It’s simple an online backup.This is a cool feature for those who use more than one computer. By having Dropbox you can upload your stuff online and access it from anywhere . It initially gives you 2 GB and extra 250MB with each person you invite and accepts. I ended up with more than 6GB in one week.

Download Dropbox.


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