My Personal View on Relationships

Well, I don’t usually write in such things but Facebook is looking for beta testers for a new feature they will add soon, their application was you write three questions and answer them in a nice way. I think they will add a blogging feature in Facebook, anyways my third question was What is the main problem in relationships? and my answer was as follows:

It can be simply discribed  as, girls don’t know what they want and guys want the shortcut to that!! This leads us to nothing and of course nothing leads to problems since each is trying to understand why the opposite sex doesn’t understand how stupid my sex is (this is not making any sense ? Perfect, that’s kind of the point).

Clearly men are the lazy part of the relationship. Men hate fights and problems. They love it when women are in a good mood and men are good in keeping them in (not for long though). But once The woman is out of that good mood, men tend to leave the house on fire and just go to the nearest cafe/bar. Men are simple to get and to be understood, but for a woman’s brain simplicity is not defined. That’s why men just talk and laugh in a bar while no one knows the other, it’s easy to understand each other as none of them cares how much the other weights or what type of shoes they wear.

On the other hand(s),  women are the Fire+match+Oxygen with “self destructive in less than 5 seconds” buttons all over her brain. The Woman’s  brain (for a man) is simply a minefield. You take one step wrong, then Bang you lose a foot. What’s worse than losing a foot, is that you have to crawl out of that minefield, so the probability of stepping on another mine is quiet high. Eventually the man will end up blowing himself up, or if he is smart enough, he will end up defusing all the mines with the soft talk that men are usually good at (for over 1000 years) and women still can’t tell the difference between soft and sweet talk.

Eventually men want to be left alone watching the world cup match, yet the woman would really like to visit her friend (the one she hates and never been to her house) or ever worse have a shopping-attack. Or the woman will cook a very delicious meal but the man comes home while he already had lunch in a fast food because he doesn’t want his lady to get tired. Who’s fault is that ? (NO ONES FAULT) however the fights starts and the battle begins.

I personally think both sex should be more clear about their prospective and share more often. That will help each of them characterize the other and I believe that would cause less problems with time.


9 thoughts on “My Personal View on Relationships

  1. Ok, I totally agree.
    With every word!
    (Surprised? Don’t be, I’ll tell you why..)

    First of all, ” girls don’t know what they want.”
    You’re right. We don’t.

    I’ll tell you why we don’t. Because there is not a single guy out there who carries all the qualities that a girl is looking for. So we are required to let go of some things and keep hold of the more important qualities .. “prioritize”, what can we do without, and what can we absolutely not let go of?

    So we are constantly trying out what we need, and what we don’t. We don’t know before hand which qualities we have prioritized, they kind of come as you go. It makes a sure hell of a job on your part – the guy’s- trying to understand something that doesn’t even understand itself, but imagine how much more confusing it is to not understand your ownself =S.

    That being said, girls don’t mean to make it hard on you, they’re just looking for their perfect guy. Not THE perfect guy (we all know those don’t exist) but for the guy perfect for her. Girls are usually independent, but for some reason once a guy steps into her life and she falls for him, he becomes part of everything she is. And once you’re part of everything she is, she will not let you off the hook easy, for anything you do! That’s why they appear to be picking fights for no reason at all! Like you said, men are the lazy part of the relationship (kudos! This is SO true). You guys are simple, you see things as black- and white. WE see things as black , and gray, and off white, and beige, and granite ..
    We over-think everything, and we over-analyze .. why? Because you – the guy – have trespassed our “me” zone.. you have entwined yourself into our very pride and we as girls are weak when it comes to that part. You know how much harder a girl takes it when her heart is broken than a guy! So we will fight till the end to make sure it doesn’t happen, but that comes out as “fighting” rather than .. hmm .. ” defending our love” (more poetic, no?).

    Now as funny as your metaphor of the minefield was, =D, as much as I would like to add a little phrase called ” emotional intelligence”. You , my friends the guys, don’t have it! You lack this HUGE sense of when it’s ok to act a certain way, and when it isn’t. You need to understand that once you’re in a relationship, you cannot be your own self anymore. I don’t mean you are bound down by chains and you’re forever imprisoned (neyahahaha), I mean you need to take into consideration that the lifestyle you used to lead will need to be compromised a bit. You can still hang out with your friends and watch the match, but no you won’t be able to do that everyday. You need to take care of what we need as well. Compromise is a two-way street. We also make compromises for you. That little ” bomb ” that goes off is triggered by your selfishness. True, you may not realize you’re being selfish at all, but that doesn’t make you any less innocent.

    Like you said, couples should “be more clear about their prospective and share more often.” This is the golden rule. Even if it doesn’t fix everything, even if each continue every once in a while to do something that upsets the other , it will still save a lot of issues that would otherwise remain unresolved if they never talked about it.

    Come and think of it, communication is the key to every relationship! Not just a woman and man one.

    Ok huge comment =D
    Keep these coming, ana s5ent 5alas !! And expect more comments from me! =D


    • well, Thanks for the comment i loved reading it…

      I personally think that you are right in almost everything. Men tend to be selfish, that is mostly because they think they have the right to be specially in the house. Why ? … Men work 8+ hours to put food on the table and they believe the house is their kingdom where he will find his queen and his butler that will make his life better. So they think they put the rules and everyone should follow them, Specially if he bought the house lol

      Men don’t really like to feel like marriage is a prison, even if it’s nice one ( which is never 😛 ). Since men are not meant to be in cages, they tend to be wild. So the idea of a woman having her man in her cage as if the man is her bird, isn’t really our favorite 😀
      A smart woman could make the man feel like he is free but he is in need for her. That’s the only way it’s gonna work.. Trust me.

      About women defending their love….. Engi ! Seriously ? haha


      • haha don’t judge me =P

        ok, i don’t wanna write another long ass comment but i’ll just add if you allow me to :

        some woman work too to provide for their family as well, hand in hand with the man. so no, msh shart just cause he works yb2a he’s the king and what not =D

        Thank u!


  2. (These kind of) Relationships are overrated. It should not be any different than relationships we have with other “things”, not just human beings.

    Example 1: a guy and another guy meet. They match. They realize it. They take things to higher levels (best friend terms, et cetera) Happily ever after.

    Example 2: a guy and another guy meet. They don’t match. They realize it. They part ways. Happily ever after.

    These are examples of relationships. Proper logical-oriented normal relationships that every relationship we have (whether with people, cars, or even ice-cream) should go through.

    Imagine utopia: a guy and a girl meet. They match. They realize it. They take things to higher levels. Happily ever after.

    But what really happens? A guy and a girl meet. They don’t match. They realize it. They take things to higher levels. Eventually.. kaboom! Everyone starts pointing fingers, and we start hating. tab kan leh mel awel?

    What does it all come down to? The myth most people are so blindly looking for, love, plays its tricks. Well, and other social barriers tag along but it mainly comes down to the notoriously famous myth.

    Why won’t people just part ways when they realize it’s not right? It’s wrong.. really.. wrong.

    Everyone is perfect. Nobody should have to change themselves to match someone else, because if they do, then they have not found the right match yet. (You may have to change for yourself, bas thats a different story. You may also have to change for a handful of people that can not be replaced –family mainly– but again, a different story.)

    I should mention this at some point, but yes, there are exceptions. Haven’t seen any yet, but they exist.


    • This is so true , I really like your point of view . I never though about it this way. but it’s so true.

      Yeah when a couple match , things turn out great , watever that couple is .. human couple or icecream and a person . yeaah i get it now 😀

      Thank alot for your comment Mahmoud, it’s an eye opener !


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