Introducing Intype Code Editor for Windows

There are a lot of code editors these days, along with many features or plugins that we need. I think it was  trend few years back to have the editor with the most plugins or features, now developers usually look for the simplest and the easiest to use.

I was looking for a simple editor with few things in mind ( Good interface – Intellisense – Tabs and the ability to see the project directories ). I’m using windows 7 , so my options weren’t pretty nice. However I found this cool editor called Intype. Intype is a code editor for windows, it works with over 20 Languages ( C++, Java, HTML, JS, Ruby, Rails..etc ).  It’s in the alpha release, however it is very stable and you can depend on it for your work.

I’ve tested it using Windows 7 with Ruby, Rails , HTML(Rails), CSS and C++

It has the ability to add plugins/ bundles to enhance the usability and make it more personalized. You can also check the Menu bar for bundles and see if you can use any of the existed bundles of the language you are using. You can change the theme from View> Appearance Preferences > Theme tab ( this theme is called pastels on dark )

That’s it .. give Intype a shot if you are into development.  Here are some pages to get started and stay updated with Intype.

8 thoughts on “Introducing Intype Code Editor for Windows

  1. I tried inType mostly because notepad++ looks ugly, I like it more than the later. Keda keda the auto-complete feature in notepad++ wasn’t THAT good, it auto-completes from what I already wrote not for example from the HTML tag list. But I can’t wait for the next release, lotsa new features.


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