iPhone Getting Started

With the existence of more than 2 millions jailbroken iPhones out there, Apple is always trying to make it harder for users to hack its devices. This trial was obvious when apple introduced its third phone “iPhone 3GS” with the new security protocol added.

After a short while a crack was discovered and the new security protocol was hacked and users were able to jailbreak their new devices “carefully”, as it’s not as easy as it was for the older models – the iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G.

Once again the cat and mouse game begins and apple develops a new bootrom for the iPhone hoping that it would be immune to hackers’ attacks. I guess Apple really did it this time and made a very difficult challenge to jailbreak the new iPhone 3GS specially ones operating on the new software iOS4.

When I bought my iPhone 3G and started dealing with jailbreaking and unlocking carriers . There was a problem related to the baseband, the mobile was running and apple updated this baseband more than once to avoid the carrier unlock. Since the main reason people are jailbreaking their iPhones is to unlock the iPhone

“The iPhone is locked to only one carrier that can work on , unlocking allows the iPhone to work on any carrier in the world, as if you bought the international version of the iPhone but saving lots of money,


iphone users had to download a customized softwares with the old baseband version so that they can unlock their phones. This problem no longer exists due to an Egyptian surgeon “ Sherif Hashim” who discovered a hole in the new baseband.

The bottom line is: if you are able to jailbreak your iPhone operating any software you can unlock it.

This Post may seem not useful for many experienced users as they already know all these information, and it won’t help the new users in jailbreaking their iPhones, but from my point of view I see it a very important introduction that I needed when I started dealing with iPhones to get a clear view of what is happening and why my friend’s iphone is jailbroken and mine can’t be jailbroken and all these stuff.

In upcoming posts there will be guides to jailbreak your iPhone ‘ if it can be jailbroken’, recommended programs and many important stuff for the newly excited iPhone users.


5 thoughts on “iPhone Getting Started

  1. BTW, iPhone 4 and iOS4 is already jailbroken and nearly unlocked by Comex and the Dev-Team. Also, did u know that the latest unlock that worked on all basebands including iOS4 was found by an Egyptian 😀 ?


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