Important PC Programs for iPhone

In this post I will introduce three important programs you must have for your iPhone. You will use them regularly and they are essential for your daily life.

1) iTunes

iTunes is your key program to the whole iPhone world, the software developed by apple itself as a media player, but it does way more than that.

iTunes’ features are unlimited and you will discover it by time, the feature you will surely like in this program is genius. Genius will detect your audio library and recommend the tracks that may suit your taste.

Download latest version

2) WinScp

The thing is apple only allows a limited file transfer to their devices and nothing that apple   doesn’t want you to transfer will be moved to your iPhone, but WinScp is a Secure Shell –ssh- network protocol that you will use to transfer data between your iPhone and PC. With WinScp you will be able to access your iPhone’s folders and files to transfers them back and forward over a Wi-Fi connection.

Download WinsScp

3) F0recast 

forecast – developed by iH8sn0w – is one of the greatest programs for any new iPhone user thinking about jail-breaking his device. This tool helps you determine your iPhone’s serial number, base-band, boot loader, and model; also it will tell you if this iPhone is jail-breakable? And if it will be tethered or not.

A tethered jailbreak means that every time you restart your iPhone or it runs out of power you will have to jailbreak it again. This problem mostly occur for iPhone 3Gs users with the new Boot ROM

Forecast also recognizes if the iPhone could be unlocked, but this feature doesn’t work for now, at least when I tried it more than once. But if u got a jail-breakable device u can unlock it 😉 in upcoming posts I will show step by step guides on how to jailbreak and unlock your devices, so if you have an iPhone that you want to jailbreak tell me its generation and the output of f0recast and I will try to start with your phone 😉

Download f0recast


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