Introducing Windows Live Writer

Well, I’ve been blogging for almost a year now. I’ve been using the built in editor for writing the articles and actually WordPress made it pretty well. Lately I’ve been looking for a tool to work on the desktop regardless I’m online or not. I found plenty of tools but in this post I will introduce my Favorite.

This tool has been tested only with blog.

Windows Live Writer

It is An awesome tool for blogging. It has many cool features and a bunch of  cool plug-ins to enhance your articles and your blogging experience.

Importing Skins

This is my favorite feature. If you are using WordPress, Windows Live Writer will import your skin and your editor will look exactly like your blog’s skin. Gives you preview while you are writing !!

Here is how my Windows Live Writer looks like.


The ability to add plug-ins is really great. You can add a plug-in to support writing Code Snippets , or insert a file or maybe insert a video.

Here is the Plug-ins gallery for Windows Live Writer.  You can make almost anything , create a gallery or a movie or add links to social networks.

Quick Publish

You have multiple useful options, you can save the draft in your Windows Love Writer,  safe it as a draft to your blog and edit online ( for last touches ) or Publish online directory.

There is also the ability to preview the post with one click. On the bottom next to Edit, there is Preview , that will show you how the post will look on your blog.

The bad

The only bad thing i noticed in Window Live Writer, is when you post a PNG image, it loses the transparency and turns into an ugly image. My fix is write all what you want then click on Post draft to blog and edit online, then add your images on your online editor.

How to Get it

However it’s still a very useful tool. Now I can’t live without it, since whatever in my mind i just write in it and maybe post it later. You can download Windows Live Writer from this Link, it usually comes in the package with Windows Live Messenger.

That’s it guys, tell me if you have any other feature that would help our blogging experience and make our life easier. And don’t forget to comment and say if you like this tool or not . Thanks for reading.


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