Introducing Launchy Keystroke Launcher

Launchy is an open source keystroke launcher, it is a simple tool for launching programs, websites, documents and bookmarks. It is super easy to use and pretty fast while searching. It simply works when you hit ALT+SPACE, and you are good to go. It indexes your start menu programs so when you type a letter it auto completes with suggestions for a faster navigation.

It is a time saver when you get used to it and use it’s shortcuts. Download Launchy.

Here are some Launchy tips to get things going:

  • To search in Google , type google then hit tab then your query . And same goes to MSN, Yahoo, Wikipedia.
  • To search in your computer, type c: then hit tab then another folder  then tab …… etc

It fades in and out in a nice way, adding an artistic touch to its beautiful design.  Clicking on the wheel icon on the upper, right corner, you get into the settings of Launchy. It’s not a lot of options but they are good enough. You can control the hot Keys, fade in/out time, also you can change the skins and add plugins or control the built in ones.

Some other skins are used for those who like to have a productive desktops. They have few but nice skins. You can make the Launchy stick to the desktop, by un-ticking  Hide Launchy when it loses focus and Always on top.

This is the one I am using.

That’s it, Give Launchy a shot and tell us what you think.


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