Why Do I Use Twitter

Twitter is a “Micro-blogging” social networking website. Some people say it is only the status updates of Facebook, which I personally disagree with that. What you put in twitter could be a status update but it is usually more into news. Twitter is more like – as stated by Saher El Neklawy – sharing the things that are too small to put in a blog post and too nice to share with everyone.

I’ve been on twitter for about 9 months, 1 week, 3 days, 9 hours, 58 minutes, 16 seconds The second I was writing this (By this tool).

It has been fun and in this post I’ll give the 6 reasons why is it professional, nice and fun .

1. No Privacy

Not that you don’t have privacy, but that you don’t actually need it. All that’s there about you is a line or two of biography, your name, your website and your tweets. Things are easy and simple, people follow others with a click and you get their updates. Still, if you are one of those people who likes to have too much privacy, you can still have it. Accept followers or not, and have your tweets protected.

2. It’s just simple

140 characters to write your update, so you better make it short. It’s just simple, it teaches you to write whatever you want, complicated or not in a very simple 140 characters.

3. No SOSO KOKO fake users

GOD I hate those people, they are the ones who fake others and start adding people randomly. I seriously don’t get it ! what do you do with that ???  In twitter there are fake users, but it’s not really a bit deal if they follow you , they don’t get to see your private pictures or stuff like that (like FB)

4. Get to contact famous people

That’s one of the coolest things in twitter. You get to follow some famous people or maybe your role models. And yes they are not fake, since twitter has that symbol that says if it’s verified account or not, they make sure it’s the real deal. Maybe you will include them in a tweet or ask them something, later on you get a reply. For some reason, it feels nice.

Famous Cool People:




5. Search Results

Want to stay updated on one of the news in the world right now, or maybe a cool subject people are talking about, simply search for the word(s) and you get live tweets from everyone around the world that are talking about it.

6. Collaborate more with people

Simply your tweets can reach the whole world by adding the hash tag and some of the important search words, like #technology , #twitter or #gosc . This way your tweet will simply be visible to everyone who is searching any of those words. People can include you and reply to your posts and a conversation can begin in tweets, you discuss and collaborate with others in a simple and nice way.

Why Others Use Twitter

@FMeawad: Quick bite-sized valuable updates, the fastest way to spread the word and share imp info & a searchable list of references.

@OSalama: Catching career updates from global peers, spreading a word fast, exploring social connection I may pursue, knowing friends news.

Now why do you use Twitter ? and if you don’t , are you going to make an account ?

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