G-OSC One Year Later

In 2009 Dr.Fatma Moawad Founded the first open source community in the GUC. It’s called G-OSC – German university in cairo – Open Source Community.
We were 25 students are in the community along with 5 Teaching Assistants , and 5 contributers (students not taking the course but still attending). I wrote my first blog post about this class, with my hopes up and it didn’t get down since then.

It was FUN. I’ve had tens of courses, I just had to skip at least one class in each, except this one. It was inspiring yet challenging. We worked with different technologies every week. Complicated stuff like Firefox and Thunderbird, and nice and simple stuff like Processing.js and ubiquity (simple ??? never mind).The course was about how open can you be, how can you help the community and help others and also spread the word and spread the information.

So one year later, with a new Wiki and a new look.  New members and new projects coming up. The course will start again but before that, there is the GOSC camp. On Tuesday, July 20th the GOSC camp is starting with a lot in mind. Some interesting talks by the Founder Dr.Fatma Meawad and my friend  Abdalla el Guindy, about technology, software engineering and other topics. See the camp calendar for more information.

We also added the #GOSC trend on twitter, for getting the updates of our community.

For all GUC MET students, care to join an open source community? enter the world of open source and contribute to the world?  Join us and get to know our team in the GOSC camp. I wish you all guys the best of luck, and keep it up. GOSC rocks.


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