Hello Twitter #World!

Since I tried to convince some people to join twitter in my previous post, and surprisingly some people were convinced, I thought why I don’t give them a warm welcome to our twitter society.

In this post I will mention the things you should do or some tweaks to help you use twitter efficiently and don’t get bored.

Follow your favorite companies/celebrities/websites

Almost everyone in the tech world has a twitter, so you can find any big company, like Google, Microsoft, WordPress.com and almost any celebrities Jim Carrey, Dr.Phill (lol). You can also find any cool website on twitter and stay updated to their news and updates like Mashable, XKCD , along with many software programs like TweetDeck, Blackberry, Google Wave.

You can find people by search, in your contacts, or by twitter’s suggestions.

Use short links

Twitter gives you only 140 characters for your update and links are pretty long, that’s why they invented link shorteners. Link shortener is a website or a service that makes your very long links of 200 characters into almost 20 characters link. It saves you space for your comments or a head line.

You can use, Tiny, bit.ly or the one that is built-in in your program, which I will mention next.

Use Desktop Program

This is the best thing in twitter, by having a cool desktop application , you can stay updated to twitter, send tweets and see your mentions and searches, all in one window. There are many programs in the web right now, my personal favorite is TweetDeck. It is simple, editable and looks nice, it has the most annoying notification sound EVER, but I still love it. It works for Facebook, Linkedin, Buzz and other services. This is WHY I think it’s AWESOME.

There is also DistroyTwitter, it is a very nice app as well, you can add themes and other many features.

Use hash-tags (#)

Get heard. Using the hash-tag will make your tweet shown to people who search on that subject, so if you add #technology to your tweet, I will be able to find your tweet when i search #technology and this way you will get inside a bigger circle and maybe get followed by another people.

Adding a hash-tag is called in twitter land, Trending .

Use search for your interest subject  A.K.A Trends

What do you like ? #Life , #Fail , #GOSC , #Programming and many other. Search and tell us your favorite trend.

Tweet it !!

Now you know everything you should know for your first days of twitter, what’s left is, Never feel you tweet too much, tweet everything you think it’s nice and worth sharing.

Hope you can share your twitter experience, and tell us what you think about twitter so far, thanks for reading.

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4 thoughts on “Hello Twitter #World!

  1. Very nice introduction Shesh, I actually would have benefited alot from the software suggestion. Tweetdeck made my twitter experience sooo good.

    Another thing I want to mention to the new tweeples, when you get comfortable with twitter, you will be always looking for the “follow me on twitter” link whenever you find a great resource online.

    Enjoy and learn 🙂


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