Quick fix for auto text in BlackBerry

So yeah, I bought a BlackBerry. After a long run hating that device I fell for the temptation of the cool service they offer, but you know what ? it’s not really as bad or addictive as it seems. It is a very nice device with dozens of cool features, What more to ask for ?

So Anyways, many of my friends have this issue while typing the franko-arabic, some words turns into English and it ruins the sentence. As usual I played a lot with the device, and I found a simple fix for this. It can be done in one minute just follow those steps.

  1. Go to Options
  2. Go to AutoText
    1. Find the word you usually type and it turns into something else. (ex. min turns into minute).
    2. You can type the first letter and it will take you to the words that starts with that letter.
  3. Click on the BB/Menu button > Edit .
    1. It will show you  Replace : <letters> with : <word> . for our example it will give you, Replace : min    with : minute.  So just change the min to minute or anything else. Or even delete that word.
  4. That’s it.

I also added some of my own AutoText, like  Shud>Should,  Shudnt > Shouldn’t, cud>could and many others.

One of the cool features of AutoText that you can type things that would take you a long time in just few letters, for example, you can type

  • mypin and it will replace that with you BB Pin.
  • usrid -> Your Name/ID.
  • LD -> Date of today
  • LT -> Time right now
  • myver –> your BlackBerry Version and OS version.
  • sig –> Your signature ( it’s your Owner information – you can change it from Option>Owner)

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