A Long Way Gone

Actually this my first time to post a general topic. Though it may seem a strange topic to talk about, but this book really touched my heart. A long way gone ” memories of a boy soldier” by Ishamel Beah.

The Book -as the title explains- tells about the adventure or may i say the disasters this boy “ Ishamel Beah” went through, but through the book you will actually feel that it is not only one boy story it is a story about a whole nation. A country torn apart between the army and the revolutionary people.

We all may seen a lot of movies about war and how horrible they. but it is just the observer’s point of view, sitting in an air conditioned room writing about this war or something, but to see the war from the eyes who lived it, to feel it, to imagine if u were in his shoes. That is a totally new experience to have.from the first pages you will just love it. the way the writer draws the environment makes you feel like u truly see it, till the end of the book where you will be shocked and still waiting for the happy ending, but sadly that is not happening for a country in war.

After reading that book, and by pure chance i watched the movie “Blood Diamond” to encounter a movie that talks about the same problem in the same country and to live the experience of witnessing everything i read about. To be honest the movie did add one thing  the book didn’t spot the lights on, The REAL CAUSE FOR THIS WAR.

It is the most shocking thing in the world when u know that the cause of such a horrible war is the diamonds. this country just produces huge amounts of diamonds so the war lords keep providing guns the both sides in exchange of diamond to sell it to diamonds industry businessmen so that a girl gets her ring with the jewelery she likes.

Although i don’t belong to any human rights organization, but seriously are we that shallow to spare millions of lives just for human greed that at the end lies on an engaged girl finger ??


7 thoughts on “A Long Way Gone

  1. Well I guess we aren’t really THAT shallow, I mean the buyers of the diamond rings aren’t exactly aware of how that diamond was acquired nor are they sparing the lives of others willingly.

    It’s awesome that you can actually find a book which is your type of book, and have it effect you. I get too bored to read those kind of books *dodges unapproving glances*.


    • 🙂 sure crimi being a buyer is not the crime …. but it starts the chain.
      u know the movie babel ?? although not all my friends liked it, but the idea i got from that movie is the same idea. only one action in some place on earth affected like 7 major characters in different countries in the globe

      After all ” the indirect influence of our simple actions is to be considered”


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