How to access 3G connection from ur iphone 3G/3Gs

At the beginning i thought it was an easy task for every one to do and by only searching the internet they could reach it. but i found many of my friends still ask me about the way to do it.cellular data network

Sure the post is talking about accessing 3G connection and have a mobile internet access without subscribing in the data plan ur official service provider is offering u. specially these plans are very expensive in some countries. One more addition feature is that u can do it without having to jailbreak ur iphone.

Note : This method is not 100% guaranteed, but it worked 8 out of 9 times.

1) ok, now open ur safari browser from the iphone connected with wireless internet.

2) enter this link :

3) choose custom APN

4) i recommend searching in the drop down list for ur carrier ( take care of the country; for example vodafone egypt = EG – Vodafone)

5) if the carrier is not in the list try contacting the customer service or search the web u ll most probably find it. ( for egypt : vodafone and mobinil are on the list, for etisalat 😀 just enter etisalat in the APN, username, and password fields :D:D that should work)

6) now u ll find two options use the install profile it is easy and should work without problems, safari will open a different page now click install and wait till the profile is installed

7) close the wifi connection open the 3G, Edge and allow cellular data in iOS 4

8) make sure u got enough credit 😀 and now u can use 3G just like a nokia owner without any data plans and these rip offs.

please check the site first from ur pc browser to make sure it supports ur iphone model and software.. although it works with almost every model and software.


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