Keep your goals to yourself or you won’t probably reach them

Yeah, you should !

Since when you do and get congratulated and feel better, your mind will be tricked that you already done the work and since you felt a bit of satisfaction, you will not work as hard as you should and of course that goal is less likely to happen.

However when you don’t talk about it, you will only feel that satisfaction and self acknowledgment only when you actually reach your goal. Interesting ? A bit .

I personally didn’t do that, I used to do the famous “ tell your friends your goals so they can hold you to it ”. Thinking about it, it’s true. Don’t we always say that those who talk a lot don’t really achieve what they say? and those who are quiet most probably work harder. Or at least looks like it !

I will get into 3 months test and see if it’s true. I will set goals and I wont talk about them, let’s see how it goes. However isn’t this telling a goal ? lol And we reach a paradox !

Anyways, here is an interesting 3 minutes video talking about this issue.


6 thoughts on “Keep your goals to yourself or you won’t probably reach them

  1. I remember there was this saying. It kinda goes like. “A writer who tells his tale in a bar, is just a writer in a bar” it basically implies what you said…

    And actually the theory works, the more I talk about what I should be doing, the less I talk about it. Take for example my blog design XD it took me 3 months since the first time I talked about it.


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