Why TweetDeck is Awesome

This post is mostly for Twitter users A.K.A Tweeps, I personally think this is the best desktop application for using twitter. However TweeDeck can also be used for many other social networks websites. This is a quick review on TweetDeck, how to use it and what’re the best things in it.

Don’t have a Twitter ?? This why I think you should have one. And If you have a Twitter and you are still not familiar with it. Read this Post and Make your self at home.

Works On

The best thing about TweetDeck that it is an Adobe Air application, This means it will work in the exact same look and feel in all famous Operating Systems ( Linux , Windows and Mac ). What’s so cool about it that it has an iPhone, Android and iPad version. Now adding to this incredible list is TweetDeck Chrome App.


It has a Gray professional  look with editable color scheme from its settings. This is My TweetDeck color scheme  –  BG1: 222222  BG2: 333333  INPUT: 666666  TXT1: FFFFFF  TXT2: FFCC00 and here are some links for nice Color Schemes. Here and here. It has two different looks, one of them is narrow one column look.

Click to enlarge


And another Wider view to see the maximum number of columns in one screen. I personally prefer this one.

Click to enlarge


Social Networks

Here is the list of the available social network to be added to TweetDeck. You can have one status posted on all of those websites from one place by one click. This will be a very long  post if I will mention what you can do with all these. So I will only talk about Twitter and you can checkout the rest on your own. Or imagine it !


Now it updates instantly when any of your friends tweet. You will get this nice looking notification and a little bit annoying sound. You also have a Mentions column that will keep you updates with the tweets that mentions you and of course the Follow Friday (#FF). Another nice feature is you can add as many columns as you need, one of the columns you will eventually use is Search. You can add a columns that keeps you updated with #technology for example or any other topic. This is the Search column in my TweetDeck the topic is #GUC.

Click to enlarge

Scheduled Updates

Alright, How awesome it is if you can tweet when you are asleep ???  YES, you can do that. By writing what would you possibly say while asleep ( mine would be : Burn in hell Barcelona ) then click on the timer looking icon, then insert the date and time you want this update to be. I’ve wrote some tweets that will be tweeted while i’m on a flight to Doha.

HOWEVER there is a useful way of using this feature other than tweeting while sleeping, is the ability to reach your followers even if they are in different timezone area. This way your tweets will reach everyone.

Arabic Support

I’ve always needed that in my TweetDeck. This is how to do it. Go to Settings , Then Colors/Font , In the TweeDeck Font section , choose International Font / TwitterKey . Now you’ve got Arabic and Many other international languages supported.


An Awesome feature in TweetDeck is the sync feature, it’s very useful if you use Tweetdeck in multiple places ( Mobiles and Computers ). First you need to create a TweetDeck account, then Sync your account details. When you open Tweetdeck in a new place, all you need to do is enter your TweetDeck account and it will load all your details, accounts and columns. cool isn’t ???


That’s it,

Keep Tweeting guys and if you are on twitter Show some love, Tweet this post and FOLLOW ME


11 thoughts on “Why TweetDeck is Awesome

  1. Hey there 🙂

    Great blog. I have a question: I’m working on Ubuntu 10.04, and I downloaded and installed Tweetdeck, but when I enabled international fonts through the settings, Arabic tweets became visible, but the words are scrambled and are not readable.

    I tried to paste a sample here, but as soon as I copied it from Tweetdeck and pasted it here, it became readable!

    Any ideas?


    • hey .. thanks for your comment.
      well i believe you need to add arabic in your fonts in ubuntu , if you don’t have it … maybe that’s why.
      it’s in keyboards ..you will find a layout i believe .. then add arabic. try that and let me know 🙂


      • I went to Keyboards and added Arabic. Now I have USA/Ara in the notification area, and I can type Arabic, but unfortunately Tweetdeck’s interface hasn’t changed, its still has Arabic tweets in disconnected letters.

        Any more ideas?


    • I have the exact same problem. The Arabic letters are visible, but scrambled. It is incredibly annoying..especially since I CAN type in Arabic in Tweetdeck itself, but can’t read it.


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