127 hours

Well, this post is about the movie that I watched tonight, 127 Hours. It’s an extraordinary true story about how strong the power of will and the human’s desire to live. This goofy guy Aron Ralston – which the movie is about- has always been a one man show. He did everything on his own he didn’t need anybody. Till one day in the canyon his hand got stuck between a big rock and the canyon it self ” Painful” indeed. The movie goes about the 127 hours he spent in this situation, what was he thinking, how he felt and of course how he got out of that situation.

It’s a very emotional experience watching all of these events. James Franco did a life time performance in this movie. If you look at the movie as watching a real life experience and get the cinematic elements out of your equation this could be one of the best movies you will ever see, but if you are want to watch a movie to spend a fun night and something similar, this movie is not for you.

In my personal view, the movie’s message is nice and clear. You may be super independent but you can never live without the ones you love and the ones who loves you, specially family. It also makes it clear that you should never give up, no matter how deep the problem is, there is always a solution. I also see it a comparison between a guy didn’t give up when he was practically did and me who sometimes wanna give up working on a simple project or assignment !!

I loved this movie , I’d recommend it to anyone who wanna watch a true story drama and who wants to get inspired maybe motivated a bit by this extraordinary story. I’d rate the movie 9/10

That’s it,

Thanks for reading. If you haven’t seen the trailer, here it is.


5 thoughts on “127 hours

  1. James Franco, who is rapidly emerging as one of the most promising actors of his generation, matches Boyle’s technical brilliance with a mesmerising depiction of Ralston’s strange internal journey.


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