How to Install PHP, Apache and MySQL with Xampp

Have you ever wanted to try out PHP and never found the time ? or maybe thought it was too complicated ? Trust me it’s NOT. Installing it will take from 5 to 10 minutes by most. Let’s give it a shot.

In this post I will guide you through a very simple steps to how to install all in one package ( PHP, Apache Server, MySQL , PHPmyAdmin ) using the amazing Xampp.

First you need to download the Source of Xampp. Follow the installation steps for Windows and Linux below.

Download for Windows

Download the .EXE file and start the installation. This is the easiest way, but if you are into geeky ways there is another way in the above link.

You will get some options on the CMD and you answer by typing  (y or n). Eventually it will ask you to run the Xampp Control Panel type y to see the panel. It will look like the picture below. It’s pretty simple, to start a service click start, and to stop it click stop ( the stop appears instead of the start when the service is running).

To start your server, start Apache first, then you can start MySQL if you are going to use a database ( which is the usual case), The Admin of the Apache just opens the localhost webpage. And the Admin of the MySQL opens PHPmyAdmin, which will be your database view. FileZilla is a FTP server for uploading and downloading files on your websites, I haven’t used it yet though.

Download for Linux

After downloading simply type in the following commands:

Go to a Linux shell and login as the system administrator root:     su

Extract the download archive file to /opt:     tar xvfz xampp-linux-1.7.3a.tar.gz -C /opt

    Warning: Please use only this command to install XAMPP. DON’T use any Microsoft Windows tools to extract the archive, it won’t work.

    Warning :already installed XAMPP versions get overwritten by this command.

    That’s all. XAMPP is now installed below the /opt/lampp directory. To run the Server type : /opt/lampp/lampp start To Stop it /opt/lampp/lampp stop

    MySQL and PHPmyAdmin

    This guide will help you get started with PHPmyAdmin if you are lost. And here are some tutorials for MySQL will help you get started.

    That’s it,

    Hope you guys find this post useful, install Xampp it’s pretty lite and soon I will post how to setup WordPress on your machine. Show some love – Tweet , like or share this post –


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