About Egypt

Coat of arms of Egypt -- standard pan-Arab &qu...

The Egyptian Eagle

Many of you heard of what’s going on in Egypt. Which I personally call ” The Revolution” done by the youth. And still many people didn’t know how it’s like in Egypt !!!!!

I’m a proud Egyptian, and I’m not here to discuss politics, I’m just here to tell you about Egypt, from the eyes of an Egyptian.

Egypt is a country of +80 Million people, most of them aren’t rich. Most of them are living a life none of us could handle a day and if you ask them how are you? They will say ” Alhamdolla ( thank GOD )” and they will actually mean it.

Egypt is a country where people bond in bonds no one in the world has. And who we have that bond with, is like a brother/sister, we would fight for them as if they are family.

Those bonds are amazing, they usually start with “ebn mante’ety (neighbor)”, then grow up to “dofa’a wahda ( same year of school/college)” , then to ” da saheb sahby ( a friend of a friend) ” and wherever you are in the world there is always ” ebn balady (Egyptian, son of my country)”.

Egypt is a country of a 7000 years of great history. — In your face Greece.

Egypt is a country with passion to anything and everything, specially if it makes us smile, or even cry. Like Football and Football.

Egypt is the country that never sleeps.

Egypt is the country with the largest amount of jokes in the history of mankind. ( I made that up- but I think it’s true ) We love to laugh, in  good times and bad ones.

Egypt is the country where you just can never be alone for a too long ! ( There is always someone who cares )

Egypt is the country where you will make the best friends you can every have. No matter where you come from.

In Egypt you can live a life time experience, make life time friends and live a lifetime there.

Come 2 Egypt — You will Love it:

God Bless You EGYPT

God Bless Egypt


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