GUC is monitoring Twitter

Since Many people are asking about connecting to the Media and German Official Entities, many of us did too, here is the response from the German Ambassador :

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Alright , this is how I know the GUC is monitoring Twitter.

In the last few weeks of March -right when the protests on its maximum-  I knew that my team (That I’m no longer part of ) and I got qualified to the Zayed University IT Project Competition finals. I wrote a tweet saying thank you #GUC (don’t know why , they didn’t do a thing) and mentioned the team in that tweet. Of course my tweet timeline was all negative about GUC and the situation that was going on.

Few days later. I knew that the University doesn’t want to sponsor the team , since “Mostafa Sheshtawy’ is in it. Now here is the thing: No one in the university Management not even academics knew about the competition. Even our supervisor didn’t mention it to anyone. So when I asked why is that!? My supervisor said it’s because your tweet. They knew the team and they knew about the competition from your tweet. And therefore they don’t want to sponsor you ( They eventually decided to sponsor only two members out of three -Doctor included- of the team, and when I said I will pay for my own expenses. All I wanted was a letter that i’m travelling for the competition, they refused as I’m “going for tourism” and not officially representing the GUC. They also said any absence will be counted normally and I could get my course dropped ).

So I asked the supervisor ONE simple question: ” Does that mean that the GUC is monitoring Twitter?? ” The answer was : ” Of course ” .

So yeah, The GUC is monitoring twitter. Most probably the IT department who has the limited capability to do such task. and then report them to the upper management. Or even one of their known spies that spy in the Facebook about students. This is just silly ! and invasion to students’ privacy. At least if you wanna do such a disrespectful thing. Do it right and don’t get caught. As Mr.Moataz Head of IT said ” المغفل بس اللي بيتمسك “ referring to the people who hack the system, but I find it quiet appropriate in this situation.

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