How I got a Camera from Twitter

It all started when I tweeted “Donate for me to get a new camera and I will get you all new profile pictures #DonateForSheshtawy”. I tweeted it as a joke, or at least showing everyone how bad I needed the camera, maybe I will get it in my next birthday, lol. However I got serious replies from people who want to donate for me! I was touched, until this tweep mentioned me saying

“If I get you a camera would you get me a photography album about the revolution”
I answered “if you get me a camera I would make you a 2000-picture album”
so she answered, “Alright what is the camera type”

I just thought that woman must be crazy somehow!!!! She wanna get me a camera for real!?? So I answered with the camera I’ve been saving up for [and losing the money to fix my car or pay rentL] “it’s Cannon D550”

She answered “alright, me and my 3 kids will go to the store to get it”

I just thought that camera is expensive, so she would reply to me with, I’m sorry I couldn’t get it, it’s a bit expensive, how about I get you a bit cheaper camera. Which was okay, I mean the gesture of wanting to buy me a camera is the awesome part of the story.


Canon 550D

However, about 45 minutes later, I found a message in my twitter inbox says, “Your new friend” with an image of the camera!!!!!! She did buy me the Cannon D550!!!!  I was in a happy shock, a huge smile in my face I couldn’t really believe she did that! But she did. I told her you must be crazy to do such thing for a stranger, she answered me with a beautiful say “Life is crazy, all you gotta do is ask”

Sally Farid, is the lovely person who got me the camera, it’s beyond materialism what she has done. It’s just something that I can’t really describe; that she got me something I wanted from a while ago, and I hope I make her an awesome album as she deserves the best.

P.S: please send her a thank you tweet for putting a smile on my face for a long while, and for every time I use the camera and I remember this beautiful story

Thank you @SallyFarid


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