Portraits, photos of people I will never forget

These are collection of photos I took trying to capture a portrait of each one of them.

I don’t take the photo right away, I wait till the person is in his normal look, I try to make it less fake and hope it works. Everyone of them touched my life some how, in a small or big way. Some of them I never saw again, some I saw again by chance and remembered them and some are my friends.

Every photo is close to my heart.

Ahmed Diab

Ahmed Diab, Great friend of mine. This photo is special because it was my first portrait I ever took.

Mohammed Abdel Hamid - @MohAbdelhamid

One of my best friends, He draged me deeper into the revolution and we are both been struggling since.
Always been there for me, what a best friend would do.

عم خيري | Khairy

A’am Khaily , he is just a simple Egyptian. I met him outside the parliament on their first assembly. He was very excited, but when I met him he was just relaxed, sitting on the floor eating.
We talked and I was touched by his kindness.

Smile for the future, candle for the martyrs and Egypt stands strong

A fellow Egyptian, never met him before, never met him again. But every time I look at this photo I smile.
His smile here is genuine, which makes it one of my favorite portraits.

Ahmed Aggour and Mohammed Tawakol in Tahrir

My comrades, two of my revolutionary friends, we’ve been through some bad days weeks before this, November and december clashes and Ahmed on the left was shot then. How they smile, makes you optimistic about the future. Never lose that smile.

Revolutionary kid

Kids should be playing far away from harm or danger. This kid was in the middle of clashes, he is living in the street near tahrir. He said people treat them nice there, and police used to beat him and his brother. He was a young, strong man, who loved to be part of the revolution.

Mona Seif @Monasosh

Mona Seif, a beautiful soul. A soft, kind, patriotic Egyptian. If there is a nice, soft side of revolutions, then she is the Egyptian Revolution’s soft side.

a Revolutionary with a Police belt taken from an officer in the clashes

This man I see every protest with something different on his head. He expresses his anger with art! The belt on his head is a policeman’s belt, showing that policemen were stripped in the resistance movement during the revolution. He is kinda old, yet he is always in every protest, with his political debates and kind comments.

Noor Ayman - @noornoor1

Noor Ayman, a gentleman, pure Egyptian. I have known this man for few months, but you know a man by his actions and principles, and this man is really a kind person, with good heart.

Silent Stand in font of the GUC

Hesham, GUC student, who’s representing how the students were tied, with no politics in their university, no student union and no freedom of speech.
They were just few students and within weeks the movement reached hundreds of thousands around the country and the world. GUCstrike.

Ahmed Aggour - @Psypherize

Ahmed Aggour, If I have a war friend, then that’s him. We’ve been through every clash with police or army since June 2011 !! I’ve taken pics of him bleeding, running, smiling and soon crying 🙂
A brave soldier of the cause, whom I respect and admire.

Human Shield to stop the clashes

Look clearly, you feel like you can clearly see inside that man. The dirt, the looks, he is tired. The clashes has been going on for 4 days then. He wants it to stop, but he is staying no matter what.

Revolutionary singer Ramy Essam

Ramy Essam, a singer and front line fighter. Usually singers have different interest other than almost getting them selves killed, but this man is different.
He was just back from the front line, tear gased and tired, with his police armor, sitting with the kids who recognized him and chatting with him. That was 100 meters away from deadly clashes.

May Farrag - One of hunger strikers

May Farrag, Student, Woman with huge passion. On that day she was in her 5th day of hunger strike in support to the GUC strike. She is a believer by all means. She is a woman to admire.

Amr Adel - @AmrAde

Amr Adel, Philosopher. A person that you can talk to and enjoy the discussion. Person with unique character.
This is him in the GUC strike, freezing, to support the case with his tent behind him, which was the first tent in the 18days sit-in and started the whole thing.

These are just some of the portraits I took, many of them in the flickr page. Every one of them is also special to me, this was just a sample.

More portraits can be found here.


3 thoughts on “Portraits, photos of people I will never forget

  1. WOW!!~What~A~Very~Touching~Tribute~To~~People~That~~Mean~So~Much~To~You!! I Laughed~~I~Cried~~And~I~Smiled!!~~I Loved Your Stories About Each~Person~~So~Much!!~~Thank You ~~Mostafa~~ For Sharing~~Such~A~Sweet~~And~~Personal~Story!!~I~Just~Loved~It~~~~so~Much:):) You~Take~Care~&~Be~Safe:) Nicky~


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