Doha’s US Embassy Protest is Useless.

Qaradawy giving the Friday Speech about the Anti-Islam Movie and SyriaBasically today’s protest is an international invite by Shiekh Yusuf Al Qaradawi and the International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS).

Qaradawi spoke today in the Friday prayers and talked about two things, the anti-Islam movie (if we can call it that) and the role of Arabic officials to support Syria’s revolution.

He said about the Movie, ”It’s unfair to put all the guilt on a full nation, they are few Americans, including the same priest who wanted to burn the Quraan before and some Christian Egyptians who live in the US.”

In a way of replying to the movie and in a way to present the Prophet (PBUH) to non-Muslims, Qatar is making a movie about the Prophet’s life.

Going to the embassies and breaking it or throwing rocks at it or burn it is not the right solution. We need to ask USA to have an official stand against such acts of defamation of religions.

The second part of the speech was about Syria; Al Qaradawi asked all the Arabic countries to help Syria, in many ways including sending reinforcements of soldiers or weapons to the free army. “It’s their duty, religiously.”

After that a charged crowd head to the US Embassy which is very near to the mosque in many controversial chants such as “Obama, Obama, we are all Osama,” referring of course to Osama Bin Laden. It’s not the first time I hear this chant, I heard it before in Egypt, back in July 29th when Tahrir was full of Salafis and Islamists, some extremists chanted exactly the same chant, who believe Bin Laden is a hero, and here some Qataris did today.

The US Embassy under the Qatari Police protection

The US Embassy under the Qatari Police protection

In a march that is not only about the Prophet or demanding the US to take a stand as Qaradawi proposed, the march had few different demands, such as releasing two prisoners, one of them is Ali Bin Saleh El Marry who was accused to be part of al qaeeda and was arrested in 2001, and the other is an Egyptian sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman who is currently serving a life sentence in USA as well.

Demanding the release Ali Bin Saleh El Marry the Qatari Prisoner in the US

Demanding the release Ali Bin Saleh El Marry the Qatari Prisoner in the US

Demanding the release of Omar Abel Rahman from US Prisons

Demanding the release Ali Bin Saleh El Marry the Qatari Prisoner in the US

As well as expelling the US Ambassador, and some demanded the shutdown of the US Military Base in Qatar, “it kills thousands of mulsims,” the banner said.

Along with chants like “Islamic, Islamic, whether the Jews like it or not,” who made me believe this protest is useless, if not backfiring on the cause. I asked dozen of people at least if they watched the movie and they all answered with No, most of them said they don’t want to cause it’s insulting and the rest had different excuses.

People Demand shutting down the US Military base that kills muslims

People Demand shutting down the US Military base that kills muslims

This made me wonder, are they just following the mislead leaders? Or they sincerely believe that’s the best solution? In both cases, it’s just sad.

In another positive note, Dr.Amr Khalid Spoke to MBC and he condemned the recent actions in many places of attacking the embassies, he said, ” The best action to demand other officials would be writing a new law in the United Nations (UN) against Defamation of religions, and whoever does it will face a strong official action wherever they are.” In another way, he asked everyone who has access to social media to post stories about the Prophet (PBUH) in all the languages and share it with every foreign person they know.

This is a practical solution, way better than just chanting, especially if the chants are not related to the cause. In comparison with many other solutions that can be applied in such cases – including my personal favorite, ignore the idiots – chanting and protesting here gives this so called movie, free publicity.

The movie isn’t even out, it’s just a very stupid trailer, I couldn’t even watch more than a minute from how silly it is, I just closed it and went on with my life, and I believe everyone should do that, and focus on the other critical issues, like Syria, or Bahrain or Yemen.

More Photos of the Protest can be found here.




2 thoughts on “Doha’s US Embassy Protest is Useless.

  1. Let’s see, You want to make it a law against defamation of religion, but, some religions, hint hint, want to kill the infidel, who does not believe in that particular relgion? Idiotic!!!!!


    • and why is that idiotic Mr.John? and it’s so ignorant of you that you think there is a religion that wants to kill infidels. Very ignorant. Those are terrorists in all religions, but you wouldn’t know, would you?

      That “Idiotic” law, would be against those terrorists and those ignorant people who just insult other religions without even knowing it.


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