Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR

Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR (Photo credit: camknows)

You are a photographer and you took a picture, it looks great, in your head you will have hundreds maybe thousands of views, but you end up having few? You must be doing something wrong! Your photo is fine, the problem is not with your photography, the problem is how you market it.

Here are few tips, I used and it got me over half a million views on my photography.


Caption, Caption, Caption. I can’t stress enough on how this is the most important aspect in publishing your photos. Captions complete the story. Caption to photography, is like sound to film, essential. So what do you write? Simple, don’t state the obvious. if it’s a bird, don’t just say, “A bird” , you will get a “Duh!!” Rise up to the intelligence of your audience.
Write something in context but adds emotions, completes the scene, add a feeling to the photo. Use sarcasm, innuendo, or quotes. Be artistic and make it short.

Do and don’t for captions

Sharable Material

If you use flickr, there is an option to allow your photos to be sharable in your settings. This way the sharing options on top of the photos are activated. It helps your photos to be shared in just one click.

if you use other platforms, make sure your content is sharable in one click, 2 at most, and make the option visible.

Photography Groups

This is mainly for flickr users, share your photos on groups, find a group that interests you. If you do portraits , then find portraits groups, or if you do politics, find that. When you do, look at the photos, learn from them and share yours. You will get many feedback and views.

Social Media

You are sharing your stuff now, you’ve done all this, have a great photo with a great caption, over doing the sharing can ruin it though. Here is how I’d do it (how I actually do it, this was a secrete)

First thing is Time. When do you share your photography? There are different studies suggest different timing of the day that would cause you the highest exposure. I personally seen that the timing from 6-9 PM is the best. However the audience from 1-4 are totally different people. So my advice is share your stuff twice.


Everyone uses hashtags for twitter, to reach more audience, but does that really work? I personally believe hashtags are made so your followers or whoever sees the tweet knows what it’s talking about. So if a tweet has 10 hashtags, WTF is it talking about?
Pointing that out, what I do is use #Photography hashtag, so people know it’s a photography related tweet, then if needed one more about the photo it self, #Egypt , #Tahrir , #Portrait , etc.
I use the same caption as the tweet it self. However, sometimes you need to reshare the same photo (if you really like it) and sharing it in the same exact tweet is kinda silly, and people might ignore it. So I reshare it with different caption, and maybe different hashtag.


Well, the only bad part is, if you just share a link, the chances that people click on it is at its minimal. You can always do that, but the better way is, share your best photo of the new photoset you just uploaded, then add in that photo’s description, to see more photos, go here : “Link to your photoset/portfolio”


You may or may not know this website, but it’s brilliant. People share a lot of things on it, and your stuff is any good ( or funny ) it could get viral. Share your stuff there, they have some kind of subjects, so add yours under photography unless you think it should be under another classification.
Don’t spam them, cause they hate that (been there) share other people’s stuff too. Share that riddit link on your other social media, the more thumbs up, the more views you get.


Having a blog is great for your professional life. You can add your experience, or your photos with stories about them.
If you’re using flickr, you can reshare your photos from flickr on your blog, by clicking on share on flickr, coping the html code (choose the size first below, medium is good) then add that to your “text” in your blog. This way when someone clicks on the photo, it actually goes to your flickr, so it gets more views.

The other way to do it, is to upload the photo to your blog and make it a link that goes to your portfloio.
Share and reshare your post with different lines on social media as well.

Share your photography to your friends, who are influential. Ask for feedback, and don’t spam them or your timeline.
The most important thing is, you shoot for the love of photography, not for fame, views or anything, those things will come later.
And if you’re doing it for the money, you should sell your camera then, that will get you money.


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