I was away for almost 8 months. Living in the calm and a bit dull Doha. The first few weeks were hard, I missed Egypt. I wanted to go back to the craziness and chaos of Cairo, that somehow made me feel alive, but I was stuck there for a long while.

Now I’m back.

Am I happy that I’m back? Of course, I met all the people I miss. Cairo is still the same messy place! but it got even more messy.

One thing people who lived in Cairo and travelled a lot can tell you, Cairo never changes; it’s been the same messy place since I came here the first time in 2005. The same messed up roads are still bad, the same vegetable seller is still blocking part of the street and causing a traffic jam, and the same shitty hole that mess up your car is still in it’s place. Nothing changes. Not to the better at least.

But how come I see it more messy? I guess because my prospective changed. It kinda happens every time I get out of here. The time I spent in Doha, made me calmer, I drive in a straight line, I don’t curse while driving (not as much), I just lived a very calm, stressless life… for a while. I ate better, I didn’t get food poison for 8 months! it’s a recored for someone like me.

I had few ideas and I hate the time to work on, yes, not so many inspirations in town, but the country tries to “buy” or “get” them from wherever they are to inspire the locals and the residences to be more creative, or more productive. Yes, that’s right, the government is doing that.

Now I’ve been here for a little over a month, I barely open the car window, it’s fucken noisy! and above that, the air very polluted that it has a color now! My tempter while driving is back! my curses are back! and I got food poison the week I got here! Friends and people who used to inspire me are losing hope! The youth for GOD’s sake! they are losing hope for a better Egypt. If you see them in early 2011, they were really inspired and highly motivated, but the idiots who has and are ruling the country are gifted with ruining youth!

So, if you don’t die in the street, by a miss-fire, or die because you are “activist” or in a car crash in these fucked up roads, or by pollution, or maybe cause you were trying to protect a woman who was getting harassed, like a brave kid who just did few days ago, or because you were watching a football game, or in a balloon, or in a train, or in a car hit by a train, or a bus also hit by a train, or from sadness, then there is a big chance you would die because of how depressed this city can make you!


Okay, this might be too dark! but who lives here, the country/government are somehow their worst enemy!

The country is full of creative people, who still believe they can make change, as long as they are away and in their bubble, till they are strong enough to face the punches they will get and survive them, then maybe they can achieve something!

Cairo Kills, not just your soul!

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