I’m an Engineer who worked as photojournalist, then a filmmaker then a marketeer and only god knows what I’ll do next.

I covered the Egyptian Revolution through writing, photography and videography through 2011 & 2012. My work have been published in NYtimes, Die Ziet, BBC, France24 and Al Jazeera.

Born, raised in Qatar, moved to Egypt for an Engineering degree in the German University in Cairo. He lived there from 2005 till 2012, then moved back to Qatar.

Contributed to documentaries about the Egyptian Revolution “Sons of the bullets” and Al Jazeera’s film of the book “Tweets from Tahrir” . And was in the crew of the production of another documentary in Qatar “The Camel Race”, with Emmy Award winner director Pierre Kattar.

I worked on three high-budget short films with Doha Film Institue as 2nd camera assistant and photographer on set.

I’m currently working as Online Marketing Specialist in Aspire Zone Foundation.

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17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello there =) There was a post about GUC Administration ripping ma3rafsh meen off we enta sheltoh taqreeban shoftoh on my Reader momken teraga3oh tany pweez =) Thank You.


  2. What kind of engineer did you used to be? Your story reminds me of someome I talked to, he is or was a petroleum engineer. But it might be a coincidence.


      • Did you play a game called Knights and Dragons under the name Mido by any chance? I talked to him often and he was a friend of mine. Your stories really look a like, he was on an app called line messenger under the name M Sheshtaway. It might be a really strange coincidence tough. Love your work tough I came across it, I just started photography my self.


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