#FromMyBackPack Video Series

I haven’t written anything in over a year, I’m more than just rusty, anyways…

#FromMyBackPack is something I thought about when I was in Doha International Airport. Which is a way to document a journey through an over the shoulder shot. Of course you need someone else to do that for you, but I travel solo. I’ve seen Griffin Hammond video once that he did it and here is how.

I did it differently, I just put the GoPro on top of a monopod, and that monopod in my side pocket of my backpack and I got this.

I thought it would be cool for photos, and I decided to document the interesting points of the trip using this style. At the same time record few videos with it and my DSLR, and maybe come up with something when I’m done with the trip.

That something became the #FromMyBackPack Series, 5 Episodes of each city I’ve been starting from Doha -> Berlin -> Paris -> Lisbon -> Brussels & Antwerp.

Here are the episodes, enjoy the show, and please leave me your feedback on YouTube

Episode 1 : Doha
Episode 2 : Berlin
Episode 3 : Paris
Episode 4 : Lisbon
Episode 5 : Brussels & Antwerp


إعمل الصح

GUCinsider هذا المقال نشر في العدد الثاني من جريدة 

بصراحة أن ضد مبدأ “حب ما تعمل, حتى تعمل ما تحب” ده مبدأ اتعمل من شخص كان يكره عمله, ولكن رأى ان تلك أفضل طريقة لتقبل الواقع, وهي طريقة لفرض الشغل المكروه على شخص. مستحيل الإبداع في شيء تكرهه

منذ صغري و أنا أحلم أن أصبح مهندس, كنت أُسأل السؤال التقليدي “نفسك تبقى ايه؟” و أرد بلا تردد ” مهندس يا عمو”, “مهندس ايه؟” أو “مهندس ليه؟” هم السؤاليين المنطقيين التابعيين للسؤال السابق, لكن عمري ماسمعتهم في حياتي, إلا في الجامعة.

بعد نتيجة الثانوية العامة وبعد أن عرفت اني حققت حلمي, وانا الأن أستطيع أن أكون “باشمهندس”, حتى أنا لم أسأل نفسي “هندسة ايه؟؟”. كان مرادي وهدفي الوحيد في أول 16 سنة من عمري, مثلي كمثل ملايين من المصريين, عاشوا ليصبحوا مهندسين, وماتوا و هم مهندسين, وبعضهم غير مجرى العالم في مختلف المجالات, وبعضهم مر على الدنيا مرور الكرام, وتستمر الحياة.

دخلت هندسة, يعني الحلم إتحقق! طيب أدور على حلم تاني؟ ولا أعمل ايه دلوقتي؟ يا سيدي, عيش انت الكام سنة دول, وهتعرف عايز ايه مع الوقت.

في رحلة ال5 سنين, التي إستمرت الى الوقت البدل الضائع الى السادسة –وهي أهمهم لأنها السنة التي توصلت فيها الى حلمي- حلمي تخطى مراحل و عقبات, و تغير من ان أكون صاحب شركة كمبيوتر كبيرة تنافس في السوق العالمي –بدأت فيه, وبدئنا شركة أنا و صديق لي, وكانت تجرية تستحق الجهد- , إلى أن أصبح أحد المهندسين الخارقين في شركة جوجل –قدمت في هذه الشركة العملاقة ولم يكن لي الحظ في دخولها- , و بعد ذلك حصلت فجوة من اللا حلم عندما تأخرت في التخرج, ثم في هذه السنة حلمي مر بالمرحلة الأخيرة, بعد أن إكتشفت شغفي للكتابة والصحافة حتى أصبح حلمي الأن أن أكون صحفي ذو رأي يحترم, ويقدر, يستطيع إلهام من يبحث عن الإلهام, وتشجيع من يرى الإلهام الى مرحلة مطاردته والخروج به خارج كوخ (الإكتئاب, وتثبيط المجتمع وصعوبة الظروف)

السؤال اللي بتسأله كتير, انت قعدت 17 سنة نفسك تبقى مهندس + 5 في كلية هندسة عشان تطلع صحفي ؟؟ ردي دائماً, ايه المشكلة؟ أنا باستمتع جداً بالكتابة وشغل الصحافة عامةً, يبقى وصلت لهدف محدد, هو إيجاد عمل أحبه, الهدف القادم,هو إتقانه.
انا مع مبدأ “لو بتحب شغلك, مش هتحس انك بتشتغل تاني في حياتك”, ما أحلى من أن تعمل ما تحب, طب ما أحلى من أن تعمله و تكون فاتح بيتك منه.
إبحث عن ما تحب أن تعمله, حتى لو كان مختلف عن دراستك, وعندما تجده “إعمل الصح”, تمسك به و إتقنه, هنا ستعرف ما هي متعة العمل, وهي موجودة بالفعل لكن القليل من يعرفها, والباقي يعمل بسبب الإلتزمات أو حتى لا يسمى “عاطل”.

إعمل ماتحب, تستمتع بعملك, وأتقن فيه, تستمتع بلذة النجاح.

Inspiring Videos – Randy Pausch

Dr. Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch is a man who really changed my life and I bet other millions’ . He was a Professor in Carnegie Mellon. He died of cancer few years ago. Today’s Inspiring video is mostly his ” Last Lecture “. There are Two videos , one is a short version of his Last Lecture , and the other is the Original Version, I will also leave link for the interview he had after his lecture. Enjoy, and Be inspired.


I would Recommend watch the Original Version – it’s way much longer , but more inspiring.


Original Version

Short Version

There is nothing to say after watching this video, other than . Thank you Dr.Randy Pausch, and may your soul Rest In Peace.

Weekly Summary of My PostDaily

First I’d like to announce that I will be moving out of wordpress.com 😦   very soon to go to my own self hosted blog http://www.msheshtawy.com. I will post more details soon 🙂

So today Monday 11/01/11 ( which is a beautiful binary day I am celebrating ) is a mark of a week in the PostDaily Quest. I’ve been posting daily for a week now, and my views are getting higher each day. I’ve really loving this idea and I will keep my commitment to it.

In every week ( Monday ) I will write a summary of the previous posts and link to them for those who wanna check them out.

Day 1

I started the week on Tuesday with the Inspiring videos post, it was about Never give up. The videos are really inspiring and very encouraging.


Then Wednesday was the -geeky-  technical review post, it was for you tweeps, it was about TweetDeck and how awesome it is ( there is an update on this post if you already read it before).

Day 3

The Quick Tip day, it was a very simple 2-minutes post for windows users, about how to organize their accounts and maybe have a quick access account if the booting is too slow.

Day 4

The Personal Area post, was about a movie I watched that night. It was 127 hours. I had to post about how amazing this movie was. How inspiring and how it touched me personally. Check it out, the trailer is in the post 😉

Day 5

The Technical tip wasn’t really that technical, it was more of a boost for your productivity by using Focus Booster. Read more about this simple amazing tool.

Day 6

For all photographers – even though they are like ants now – the design post was about photography and some of the most beautiful pictures taken by cameras ( in my personal opinion ).

Day 7

This post is for programmers, mostly beginners in PHP, how to install it and get a step forward into being a geek.

That’s it,

So that was the past week. I really enjoyed writing those posts, and hopefully I will keep on writing more interesting posts. If you have any things you would like me to write about, please leave a comment with your topic and i’d be more than happy to discuss it around.

127 hours

Well, this post is about the movie that I watched tonight, 127 Hours. It’s an extraordinary true story about how strong the power of will and the human’s desire to live. This goofy guy Aron Ralston – which the movie is about- has always been a one man show. He did everything on his own he didn’t need anybody. Till one day in the canyon his hand got stuck between a big rock and the canyon it self ” Painful” indeed. The movie goes about the 127 hours he spent in this situation, what was he thinking, how he felt and of course how he got out of that situation.

It’s a very emotional experience watching all of these events. James Franco did a life time performance in this movie. If you look at the movie as watching a real life experience and get the cinematic elements out of your equation this could be one of the best movies you will ever see, but if you are want to watch a movie to spend a fun night and something similar, this movie is not for you.

In my personal view, the movie’s message is nice and clear. You may be super independent but you can never live without the ones you love and the ones who loves you, specially family. It also makes it clear that you should never give up, no matter how deep the problem is, there is always a solution. I also see it a comparison between a guy didn’t give up when he was practically did and me who sometimes wanna give up working on a simple project or assignment !!

I loved this movie , I’d recommend it to anyone who wanna watch a true story drama and who wants to get inspired maybe motivated a bit by this extraordinary story. I’d rate the movie 9/10

That’s it,

Thanks for reading. If you haven’t seen the trailer, here it is.

Inspiring Videos – Never Give Up

Sometimes life puts you down. you face many obstacles that slow you down, but they are not there to make you stop, NO . They are there to make sure of how much you want what you want. You should STEP on it and keep moving forward. Never Give up. Those videos are some of the things that makes me GET UP and get what I want when I need a push. Hope they do the same effect on you.

You want Something ? Go get it.

Successful People Who already failed before.

Is it Impossible to Get back UP ?

This one Puts a Smile  on my face

Learn From Mistakes very nice lecture.

Keep your goals to yourself or you won’t probably reach them

Yeah, you should !

Since when you do and get congratulated and feel better, your mind will be tricked that you already done the work and since you felt a bit of satisfaction, you will not work as hard as you should and of course that goal is less likely to happen.

However when you don’t talk about it, you will only feel that satisfaction and self acknowledgment only when you actually reach your goal. Interesting ? A bit .

I personally didn’t do that, I used to do the famous “ tell your friends your goals so they can hold you to it ”. Thinking about it, it’s true. Don’t we always say that those who talk a lot don’t really achieve what they say? and those who are quiet most probably work harder. Or at least looks like it !

I will get into 3 months test and see if it’s true. I will set goals and I wont talk about them, let’s see how it goes. However isn’t this telling a goal ? lol And we reach a paradox !

Anyways, here is an interesting 3 minutes video talking about this issue.