Klout Mobile is here, and I LOVE it

kloutAnyone who works in Social Media marketing, or a social media geek knows Klout. It’s simply a magical tool that tells you how “influential” are you in social media. The rate is up to 100. And anything above 55 is good.


Oh, it’s showing off time…. according to Klout, I’m the 75th most influential person on twitter back in 2011


Back to Klout, so this tool has been on the web for a while now, not very insightful, it just tells you, you’re good at this and that, but doesn’t help you get better. Just a few tips here and there, but that’s it.

Now, Klout has gone mobile, and it’s very good.

You can select types of information you’re already influential in or trying to be, and Klout will suggest you a stream of different articles to read and share.

You can schedule posts on Klout directly. It might be glitchy for now, but this tool is promising.

Take a look at the app.

so far it’s only on iOS, and Android will follow soon.



Weekly Summary of My PostDaily

First I’d like to announce that I will be moving out of wordpress.com 😦   very soon to go to my own self hosted blog http://www.msheshtawy.com. I will post more details soon 🙂

So today Monday 11/01/11 ( which is a beautiful binary day I am celebrating ) is a mark of a week in the PostDaily Quest. I’ve been posting daily for a week now, and my views are getting higher each day. I’ve really loving this idea and I will keep my commitment to it.

In every week ( Monday ) I will write a summary of the previous posts and link to them for those who wanna check them out.

Day 1

I started the week on Tuesday with the Inspiring videos post, it was about Never give up. The videos are really inspiring and very encouraging.


Then Wednesday was the -geeky-  technical review post, it was for you tweeps, it was about TweetDeck and how awesome it is ( there is an update on this post if you already read it before).

Day 3

The Quick Tip day, it was a very simple 2-minutes post for windows users, about how to organize their accounts and maybe have a quick access account if the booting is too slow.

Day 4

The Personal Area post, was about a movie I watched that night. It was 127 hours. I had to post about how amazing this movie was. How inspiring and how it touched me personally. Check it out, the trailer is in the post 😉

Day 5

The Technical tip wasn’t really that technical, it was more of a boost for your productivity by using Focus Booster. Read more about this simple amazing tool.

Day 6

For all photographers – even though they are like ants now – the design post was about photography and some of the most beautiful pictures taken by cameras ( in my personal opinion ).

Day 7

This post is for programmers, mostly beginners in PHP, how to install it and get a step forward into being a geek.

That’s it,

So that was the past week. I really enjoyed writing those posts, and hopefully I will keep on writing more interesting posts. If you have any things you would like me to write about, please leave a comment with your topic and i’d be more than happy to discuss it around.

Why TweetDeck is Awesome

This post is mostly for Twitter users A.K.A Tweeps, I personally think this is the best desktop application for using twitter. However TweeDeck can also be used for many other social networks websites. This is a quick review on TweetDeck, how to use it and what’re the best things in it.

Don’t have a Twitter ?? This why I think you should have one. And If you have a Twitter and you are still not familiar with it. Read this Post and Make your self at home.

Works On

The best thing about TweetDeck that it is an Adobe Air application, This means it will work in the exact same look and feel in all famous Operating Systems ( Linux , Windows and Mac ). What’s so cool about it that it has an iPhone, Android and iPad version. Now adding to this incredible list is TweetDeck Chrome App.


It has a Gray professional  look with editable color scheme from its settings. This is My TweetDeck color scheme  –  BG1: 222222  BG2: 333333  INPUT: 666666  TXT1: FFFFFF  TXT2: FFCC00 and here are some links for nice Color Schemes. Here and here. It has two different looks, one of them is narrow one column look.

Click to enlarge


And another Wider view to see the maximum number of columns in one screen. I personally prefer this one.

Click to enlarge


Social Networks

Here is the list of the available social network to be added to TweetDeck. You can have one status posted on all of those websites from one place by one click. This will be a very long  post if I will mention what you can do with all these. So I will only talk about Twitter and you can checkout the rest on your own. Or imagine it !


Now it updates instantly when any of your friends tweet. You will get this nice looking notification and a little bit annoying sound. You also have a Mentions column that will keep you updates with the tweets that mentions you and of course the Follow Friday (#FF). Another nice feature is you can add as many columns as you need, one of the columns you will eventually use is Search. You can add a columns that keeps you updated with #technology for example or any other topic. This is the Search column in my TweetDeck the topic is #GUC.

Click to enlarge

Scheduled Updates

Alright, How awesome it is if you can tweet when you are asleep ???  YES, you can do that. By writing what would you possibly say while asleep ( mine would be : Burn in hell Barcelona ) then click on the timer looking icon, then insert the date and time you want this update to be. I’ve wrote some tweets that will be tweeted while i’m on a flight to Doha.

HOWEVER there is a useful way of using this feature other than tweeting while sleeping, is the ability to reach your followers even if they are in different timezone area. This way your tweets will reach everyone.

Arabic Support

I’ve always needed that in my TweetDeck. This is how to do it. Go to Settings , Then Colors/Font , In the TweeDeck Font section , choose International Font / TwitterKey . Now you’ve got Arabic and Many other international languages supported.


An Awesome feature in TweetDeck is the sync feature, it’s very useful if you use Tweetdeck in multiple places ( Mobiles and Computers ). First you need to create a TweetDeck account, then Sync your account details. When you open Tweetdeck in a new place, all you need to do is enter your TweetDeck account and it will load all your details, accounts and columns. cool isn’t ???


That’s it,

Keep Tweeting guys and if you are on twitter Show some love, Tweet this post and FOLLOW ME

How to access 3G connection from ur iphone 3G/3Gs

At the beginning i thought it was an easy task for every one to do and by only searching the internet they could reach it. but i found many of my friends still ask me about the way to do it.cellular data network

Sure the post is talking about accessing 3G connection and have a mobile internet access without subscribing in the data plan ur official service provider is offering u. specially these plans are very expensive in some countries. One more addition feature is that u can do it without having to jailbreak ur iphone.

Note : This method is not 100% guaranteed, but it worked 8 out of 9 times.

1) ok, now open ur safari browser from the iphone connected with wireless internet.

2) enter this link : http://www.unlockit.co.nz

3) choose custom APN

4) i recommend searching in the drop down list for ur carrier ( take care of the country; for example vodafone egypt = EG – Vodafone)

5) if the carrier is not in the list try contacting the customer service or search the web u ll most probably find it. ( for egypt : vodafone and mobinil are on the list, for etisalat 😀 just enter etisalat in the APN, username, and password fields :D:D that should work)

6) now u ll find two options use the install profile it is easy and should work without problems, safari will open a different page now click install and wait till the profile is installed

7) close the wifi connection open the 3G, Edge and allow cellular data in iOS 4

8) make sure u got enough credit 😀 and now u can use 3G just like a nokia owner without any data plans and these rip offs.

please check the site first from ur pc browser to make sure it supports ur iphone model and software.. although it works with almost every model and software.

Quick fix for auto text in BlackBerry

So yeah, I bought a BlackBerry. After a long run hating that device I fell for the temptation of the cool service they offer, but you know what ? it’s not really as bad or addictive as it seems. It is a very nice device with dozens of cool features, What more to ask for ?

So Anyways, many of my friends have this issue while typing the franko-arabic, some words turns into English and it ruins the sentence. As usual I played a lot with the device, and I found a simple fix for this. It can be done in one minute just follow those steps.

  1. Go to Options
  2. Go to AutoText
    1. Find the word you usually type and it turns into something else. (ex. min turns into minute).
    2. You can type the first letter and it will take you to the words that starts with that letter.
  3. Click on the BB/Menu button > Edit .
    1. It will show you  Replace : <letters> with : <word> . for our example it will give you, Replace : min    with : minute.  So just change the min to minute or anything else. Or even delete that word.
  4. That’s it.

I also added some of my own AutoText, like  Shud>Should,  Shudnt > Shouldn’t, cud>could and many others.

One of the cool features of AutoText that you can type things that would take you a long time in just few letters, for example, you can type

  • mypin and it will replace that with you BB Pin.
  • usrid -> Your Name/ID.
  • LD -> Date of today
  • LT -> Time right now
  • myver –> your BlackBerry Version and OS version.
  • sig –> Your signature ( it’s your Owner information – you can change it from Option>Owner)

Hello Twitter #World!

Since I tried to convince some people to join twitter in my previous post, and surprisingly some people were convinced, I thought why I don’t give them a warm welcome to our twitter society.

In this post I will mention the things you should do or some tweaks to help you use twitter efficiently and don’t get bored.

Follow your favorite companies/celebrities/websites

Almost everyone in the tech world has a twitter, so you can find any big company, like Google, Microsoft, WordPress.com and almost any celebrities Jim Carrey, Dr.Phill (lol). You can also find any cool website on twitter and stay updated to their news and updates like Mashable, XKCD , along with many software programs like TweetDeck, Blackberry, Google Wave.

You can find people by search, in your contacts, or by twitter’s suggestions.

Use short links

Twitter gives you only 140 characters for your update and links are pretty long, that’s why they invented link shorteners. Link shortener is a website or a service that makes your very long links of 200 characters into almost 20 characters link. It saves you space for your comments or a head line.

You can use, Tiny, bit.ly or the one that is built-in in your program, which I will mention next.

Use Desktop Program

This is the best thing in twitter, by having a cool desktop application , you can stay updated to twitter, send tweets and see your mentions and searches, all in one window. There are many programs in the web right now, my personal favorite is TweetDeck. It is simple, editable and looks nice, it has the most annoying notification sound EVER, but I still love it. It works for Facebook, Linkedin, Buzz and other services. This is WHY I think it’s AWESOME.

There is also DistroyTwitter, it is a very nice app as well, you can add themes and other many features.

Use hash-tags (#)

Get heard. Using the hash-tag will make your tweet shown to people who search on that subject, so if you add #technology to your tweet, I will be able to find your tweet when i search #technology and this way you will get inside a bigger circle and maybe get followed by another people.

Adding a hash-tag is called in twitter land, Trending .

Use search for your interest subject  A.K.A Trends

What do you like ? #Life , #Fail , #GOSC , #Programming and many other. Search and tell us your favorite trend.

Tweet it !!

Now you know everything you should know for your first days of twitter, what’s left is, Never feel you tweet too much, tweet everything you think it’s nice and worth sharing.

Hope you can share your twitter experience, and tell us what you think about twitter so far, thanks for reading.

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Introducing Launchy Keystroke Launcher

Launchy is an open source keystroke launcher, it is a simple tool for launching programs, websites, documents and bookmarks. It is super easy to use and pretty fast while searching. It simply works when you hit ALT+SPACE, and you are good to go. It indexes your start menu programs so when you type a letter it auto completes with suggestions for a faster navigation.

It is a time saver when you get used to it and use it’s shortcuts. Download Launchy.

Here are some Launchy tips to get things going:

  • To search in Google , type google then hit tab then your query . And same goes to MSN, Yahoo, Wikipedia.
  • To search in your computer, type c: then hit tab then another folder  then tab …… etc

It fades in and out in a nice way, adding an artistic touch to its beautiful design.  Clicking on the wheel icon on the upper, right corner, you get into the settings of Launchy. It’s not a lot of options but they are good enough. You can control the hot Keys, fade in/out time, also you can change the skins and add plugins or control the built in ones.

Some other skins are used for those who like to have a productive desktops. They have few but nice skins. You can make the Launchy stick to the desktop, by un-ticking  Hide Launchy when it loses focus and Always on top.

This is the one I am using.

That’s it, Give Launchy a shot and tell us what you think.