Revolutions for Dummies


So, I didn’t find any “dummies” book about revolutions – well I actually did, but I know you won’t even look it up it to double-check – so still I took the initiative to write one.

Special Thanks to Dalia Mostafa for helping in the editing process.


Dummies here are all citizens who live under dictatorship and didn’t revolt yet! Also dummies here are the ones standing in the way of those revolting against their dictators. Dummies are the ones who are dumb enough to think that a revolution causes more harm than good. Dummies are the ones who think a revolution takes effect overnight and everything expect everything to be perfect the morning after; as in the revolution is their fairy and she is here to make their wishes come true in a blink of an eye.
Last and also least, Dummies are the mentally dormant; they have no role or opinion about whatever goes on in the world around them. Guys, you are a burden on your people. Open your minds then open your eyes! For the love of …

Chapter1: Power to the people

People -usually- are the ones who start revolutions. However in Egypt, the army threw a 1952 revolution (more like took over the country) and is now protecting the 2011 revolution – lol, or they think they are. Meanwhile, the Tunisian Army did protect their people’s revolution when they turned against and eventually toppled their ruler, Bin Ali. That’s why he had to flee. The sad part (for us) is that their army officials don’t go on national TV and say they did, every single time!
“People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”Alan Moore. Same goes for the Police and Army. People are in control of their country, they pick their presidents most of the time (sorry brits) and if the president doesn’t meet his people’s demand, they have the right to remove him. Same goes for the Parliament and the Government. It is important to note that It’s a two-way road, People should assist their president in obeying the rules and the law to help the country be better and to insure security, economic situation, etc.
This can only mean one thing; people shouldn’t kiss Government officials’ asses. Government officials should kiss People’s asses

Chapter 2: Why to Revolt?

After knowing you are the first priority of your government, here are some reasons why you should revolt. Many people are unhappy with their lives, they blame their government for that, yet all they do is cry. No one will help you for good will, especially governments. So your life is in your own hands. If you are not getting paid well, speak up and demand your right of good life. If that didn’t work, find those facing the same problem and form a group or a syndicate. Governments and company owners only care about their lives and their piggy banks. They don’t give a shit about you, especially if you are afraid of getting fired and tend to succumb while they take your rights away.

The first step is usually all about negotiations and talks to try to reach a consensus. If it works fine and you get your rights, then everyone is happy. If it doesn’t then don’t stop here. Protest then Strike and go public. Those are the best ways to weaken your opponent; whether they are a company, a government or a president. Raise your bar of demands and keep it high till you get as much as will make everyone happy.

Chapter 3: Never Trust the Media

Media is the government’s best “unarmed” weapon. They tend to kiss the government’s ass. Never trust them; especially TV. Rebels always do their best for their country; they want it to be a better place and that’s how they are doing it. Obviously it works in many countries. Even if they say “our country is different and it will never undergo a revolution”, trust me they are wrong. If your country keeps going downhill and the number of unhappy people is growing, then the revolution is on its way.

The Media will start with accusations about rebels, calling them foreigners. Then later will start mentioning foreign finance provided to those rebels (maybe from big “dangerous” countries). The Media will bend over backwards to make you hate those rebels and have no sympathy for them and that my friend is the green light for governments to kill those rebels or lock them up and torture them.

Never trust the media, they are your first enemy and should be your first take over, if you want it to undergo a complete revolution.


***More Chapter will be added in the coming days, Stay tuned

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