Cairo Kills

I was away for almost 8 months. Living in the calm and a bit dull Doha. The first few weeks were hard, I missed Egypt. I wanted to go back to the craziness and chaos of Cairo, that somehow made me feel alive, but I was stuck there for a long while.

Now I’m back.

Am I happy that I’m back? Of course, I met all the people I miss. Cairo is still the same messy place! but it got even more messy.

One thing people who lived in Cairo and travelled a lot can tell you, Cairo never changes; it’s been the same messy place since I came here the first time in 2005. The same messed up roads are still bad, the same vegetable seller is still blocking part of the street and causing a traffic jam, and the same shitty hole that mess up your car is still in it’s place. Nothing changes. Not to the better at least.

But how come I see it more messy? I guess because my prospective changed. It kinda happens every time I get out of here. The time I spent in Doha, made me calmer, I drive in a straight line, I don’t curse while driving (not as much), I just lived a very calm, stressless life… for a while. I ate better, I didn’t get food poison for 8 months! it’s a recored for someone like me.

I had few ideas and I hate the time to work on, yes, not so many inspirations in town, but the country tries to “buy” or “get” them from wherever they are to inspire the locals and the residences to be more creative, or more productive. Yes, that’s right, the government is doing that.

Now I’ve been here for a little over a month, I barely open the car window, it’s fucken noisy! and above that, the air very polluted that it has a color now! My tempter while driving is back! my curses are back! and I got food poison the week I got here! Friends and people who used to inspire me are losing hope! The youth for GOD’s sake! they are losing hope for a better Egypt. If you see them in early 2011, they were really inspired and highly motivated, but the idiots who has and are ruling the country are gifted with ruining youth!

So, if you don’t die in the street, by a miss-fire, or die because you are “activist” or in a car crash in these fucked up roads, or by pollution, or maybe cause you were trying to protect a woman who was getting harassed, like a brave kid who just did few days ago, or because you were watching a football game, or in a balloon, or in a train, or in a car hit by a train, or a bus also hit by a train, or from sadness, then there is a big chance you would die because of how depressed this city can make you!


Okay, this might be too dark! but who lives here, the country/government are somehow their worst enemy!

The country is full of creative people, who still believe they can make change, as long as they are away and in their bubble, till they are strong enough to face the punches they will get and survive them, then maybe they can achieve something!

Cairo Kills, not just your soul!


Remembering the brutality of SCAF’s army

In the honor of a woman who may have been uncovered from cloths, yet she uncovered all masks on all the killers in the SCAF‘s army. She has been truly an inspiration for millions. To you, set el banat.

All photos of the Occupy Cabinet clashes can be found here.

It’s been almost a year, since I’ve seen and photographed how sick my country’s army can be, against peaceful protesters, just because it’s their orders. I hate that word “Orders”. Millions have been killed because of it.

It’s been a year, remembering another sad event. The army is killing the people, again.

The fight is in mohammed mahmoud street between the protesters and the police in its second day. The tear gas smell was strong, people are very upset of the police’s brutality, every one is looking at that street, while the army is preparing for its next move. It’s dirty move, sneaking up to the protesters from the side, they won’t see it coming, they won’t know what hit’em. Which is what exactly happened.

That sneaky attack caught the protesters by surprise, it attacked the back line, which had many people who most probably didn’t want to join the fight inside mohammed mahmoud. It caused a lot of panic, fear, which empowered them, even though the soldiers were fewer in numbers, and they only had sticks! But as I said, those people didn’t want blood at the first place. But they were dragged for yet another fight.

The Egyptian Army beating people in #Tahrir

Army Soldiers attacking protesters who were trapped in a bottle neck near Mohammed Mahmoud St.

Less than a month later. Protesters are still angry, beaten up, many of them got injured, lost their eyes, or their friends lost their lives. They want reforms, they need change, but they get another fight with the army instead.

Protesters were at a street in downtown cairo, between the cabinet’s building and the parliament building, while the candidates are actually running their campaigns. one night of the few weeks old sit-in, army had enough of them. So they kidnapped a teenages from the sit-in and sent him back after torturing him, injuring him severely.

It was getting intense, and the protesters were very angry, and suddenly the army starting throwing rocks at the protesters, who had nothing to use as cover, and nothing to throw back or a way to defend themselves. One sad moment, that protesters had memorial coffins for the martyrs who just died less than a month ago, and those coffins where used as protection.

2 protesters were taking cover from the rocks that were thrown on them by Army

Two protesters taking cover in memorial coffins from the rocks that were being thrown on them by army soldiers

The fights keeps going till the morning, Army inside the parliament building, throwing rocks and whatever they find inside the building at the protesters outside, from a 9 stores building.

Getting the use of many “civilians” on the ground as their troops, and they are doing what they can from above.

While there is a sign that says “Democracy is giving the Power to the people”. And the army is just proving that they don’t care, they will kill the people if they have to. They don’t mind pissing on them.

Army Soldier with a dirty gesture on top the Parliament building

Army Soldier didn’t hesitate to show his “private parts” to the crowd to insult them. This is the SCAF’s army.

One more time, the army sneaks in to the ground, this time with support from the parliament building, soldiers throwing rocks and chairs from the building at the prosters. One hit, and you are most probably gone. This time, the soldiers are angry, and they run after protesters. The anger is huge, as if they are fighting their worst enemy and they finally have a chance to kill them.

Army Raids Tahrir

Running to capture their worst enemy.

They ran after us, one of them tried to capture me, but I got saved by another protester. They were brutal, whoever they capture is instantly tortured, not even arrested, just beaten up, with anyone who’s around, it could take 5- 10 soldiers to take rounds on getting their energy and anger on you, with sticks, or kicks or punchs.

The officers were masked! for the first time, since we photographers exposed many police or army officers who took part of many violations. Instead of stopping them, they decided to cover their face. And make more crimes.

Army Officer points a gun at a fallen protester

Army Soldier terrorizing peaceful protester and aiming his gun at him before beating him! He didn’t eventually shoot him.

There was no tear gas, no smoke, it was very early in the morning, you can see clearly. They can see clearly. They have guns, and we have cameras. They shoot, and so do we.

They have gone rogue ! They are attacking anything that moves. A Taxi passing by the square, after the army’s crackdown was attacked by the soldiers. All of them – 30 soldiers or more – attacking one car, driven by one man, for no reason! Are they crazy?

Army Soldiers attacking a taxi passing by

Attacking the Taxi

Taxi got attacked by Army Soldiers

The taxi running away from the mob

Protest like Egyptians

Protest like Egyptians, with arms wide open

The army is heading for chaos, and we are watching and completely amazed by what’s going on.

Time to resist, with all possible ways. People won’t give up now. Almost a year after the revolution, how in the world would they give up?

The people fought back, to stand their ground, they fought back with arms wide open. Welcoming Heaven, as they believe who dies now, is a martyr, and will follow the jan25 martyrs to heaven. No one holds back. It’s time to win this fight.

Bullets and blood

They mix quite well

The army thought it’s time to kill us. They started using live ammunition. Killing peaceful protesters. Killing a dream, a young man who had a hope and a dream for a better country, killing a young man who maybe could’ve been one of the country’s next geniuses. Maybe that young man with this amount of passion, could’ve solved the country’s economical problems. Why give them a chance? instead, kill them.

And that’s exactly what they did. Very late at night, right before dusk, you can hear gunshots. We were only tens of protesters, but many have been shot. Live ammo, shooting to kill, in the head, stomach and who was lucky, got shot in the leg.

That’s the army that is supposed to protect the country, killing their own people.

SCAF has brainwashed their soldiers, and now they think they are fighting “The Enemy” not knowing that the actual enemy has never been happier after seeing this.

They SCAF’s army has terrorized peaceful Egyptian, they injured dozens, killed over 40 people in a month, with the help of the police!

We will never forget, we will never forgive.

The blood of the martyr who got shot in the head

Blood of a fellow Egyptian. People tried to save him and got him to the hospital. but he didn’t make it

The Martyr | الشهيد

The Martyr

To the Guardian : What is this crisis about

guardian-logoThe british news paper has wrote a provocative editorial called “Egypt : Tug of War“.  A piece that tries to be unbiased that it’s missing the whole point of what’s going on for weeks now.

They start of saying what the whole crisis is “NOT” about, they mentioned it’s not about the decree, nor the constitution, but it’s about Morsy him self. Stating that the “Opposition” is trying to claim power. hmm, seriously? that same opposition that gave its blessing to Morsy in the second round of elections and most of them voted for him?

The “prestigious” Guardian talks about two side, opposition and power, as figures! which is an idiotic domain since the opposition doesn’t really matter or even has a significant role in this crisis. People took down the street and Tahrir square again, even before any of the “opposition” declare it’s stands. El Baradie met with Morsy few weeks before he announced his “absolute power” decree. I’m sure El Baradie mentioned his aim for the chair!

it’s outrageous how the Guardian analyze the situation, mentioning that “Muslim Brotherhood‘s Freedome and Justice party sanctioned a violent assault on a peaceful encampment of ‘opposition supporters’ outside the presidential palace,” then saying “Islamists were its principle victims.” So FJP assaulted but Islamists were the victims! How the use of two different words, to portray two different category of people! No they are not, FJP assaulted peaceful protesters (Not opposition supporters! You wont see El Baradie’s poster in the crowd for example), so how in the hell would an attacker become a victim? ridiculous!

The “professional” Guardian says five of the six people killed in Cairo were members of the Brotherhood. Even though all the reports on the ground shows that’s not true, yet they got their info from the Muslim Brotherhood it self, and neglected all the other media outlets. Very professional. So much of being unbiased.

“Morsi undoubtedly made grave mistakes” You could have never described it better. That’s exactly why El Baradie said (and you mentioned earlier in your Editorial) “Morsi had lost his legitimacy”. If you read the situation this way, then it makes sense, but how your editorial team, manipulated the timeline of events putting the reply before the mistakes, makes the “opposition” sound greedy as you try to portray it.

One more thing, the ‘opposition figures’ do not represent the ground movements, they may say some of what’s been chanted, but they do not have a significant influence on the ground, it’s the other way around. You should know better.

The “Crisis” was about the decree, only the decree, how the MB slipped the constitution, made a crisis inside a crisis and how the MB attacked and killed peaceful protesters, that was the third strike, and it’s time for them to go.

I won’t comment on the last sentence, cause I believe it was written by an idiot.

لماذا اصبحت ثورتنا مسلحة؟

Bullets and blood

طيب، انا عارف ان الموضوع حساس و بيضايق ناس كتير … بس احنا فعلا بقى معانا ناس مسلحة كتير. و في اكتر من دليل،و ناس اثق فيها قالت الكلام ده

المهم، انا هنا عشان اقول ان ده غلط “بالنسبة للثورة السلمية”  .. نشوف الناس كانت بتقول يعني ايه سلمية؟ “يعني ماتبدأش بعنف، يعني لو جالك حد تدافع عن نفسك على قد عدوانه”  و بذات المبدأ تم حرق مقرات الحزب الوطني . و ما أشبه اليوم بالبارحة

حاليا في عهد الرئيس محمد مرسي، و حزبه الحرية والعدالة.. الناس نزلت بمطالب ، سلميين، انضربوا من الشرطة ، اتقتل منهم ناس، والرئيس لم يحرك ساكنا
بعدها بأقل من أسبوع (بما انه مش سامع) ذهبت جموع الناس لمخاطبة الرئيس، و كانت من اعظم مظاهرات الثورة في ٢٠١٢ .. و لم يحرك ساكنا، لأ أسف، هرب من القصر بكل جبن لا يستطيع مواجهة معارضيه و راح يقابل قادة الحرية والعدالة (اللي هو استقال منه اصلا) عشان يسمع كلام يريحه، عشان يعرف ينام بليل

و في اقل من ٢٤ ساعة، ذهب مؤيدينه لقتال و قتل معارضينه، على خوانة، محملين بالأسلحة البيضاء و الالأسلحة النارية و الغضب القاتل، والكره

نمط الثورة

كان في شباب واعي، و متحمس، ليه طموحات و امال و احلام كانت تحت الرماد و اصبحت فوق السحاب من اول ٢٥ يناير ٢٠١١. نزل و اتقتل منه ناس، فتعلم المقاومة، و قاوم. بالطوب، ثم الملوتوف ، ثم بعضهم قرر بحرق كل ما يمثل الطغيان. من اقسام شرطة الى مقرات الحزب الحاكم. كان شايف نفسه مضطر انه يعمل كده، هو مش حابب ده، بس يا هيموت، يا يعمل كده… و نستنى تغيير

١٨ يوم عدو، و الأمال عليت كمان .. و بعديها بمفيش، بدأ القتل تاني ، من حد تاني، لابس كاب و على كتفه نجوم. كان عسكري ، عنده سبب مقنع انه يشيل سلاح، والرصاصة عنده زي الطوبة عندنا. على مدار سنة و نص، كنا في معارك معاه … قتلوا مننا ناس كتير ، حاولنا نحافظ على نفس النمط،تظاهر، إعتصام، إشتباك، طوب ، ملوتوف، كرر شوية و بعدين تغيير.
نقاوم .. بس الناس لسه بتموت، و مش بيحصل تغيير !!  و لا تطور للثورة ؟

الطموح بيقل، والأحلام بتقع ، و ناس عالكراسي مش فارق معاها الدم، الكرسي ملطخ بالدم من زمان، واللي بيقعد عليه مش بيهون عليه الدم

نفس الناس اللي هزمناهم في ٢٨ يناير ، قاموا .. العسكر فوقهم، و ساعدهم و ساندهم ، عشان كل طاغي محتاج ايد البطش ، و قتلوا مننا صحابنا …. تاني ، و اصابوا مننا اكتر … تاني .. و حبسوا الألاف ، برضو…. تاني

و لسه بنحاول نحافظ على نفس النمط، مظاهرة، إعتصام، إشتباك ، طوب ، مولوتف، نروح بيتنا و نستنى تغيير. بس في ناس مننا بتحاول تقول لأ بلاش ملوتوف، أو بلاش عنف مننا ، و باصيين لقدام، شايفين الإنسانية بتقل مننا، بشكل مش واضح للجموع، بس واضح للي شايف. و في ناس خلاص فاض بيها، و العنف بقى شيء مفروض، دول قليلين، بس اصبحوا مسلحيين. لكن خايفين يستخدموه، عشان مايبقوش مرفوضين وسط الثوريين.

اشتباك ورا التاني، و القهر يزيد، مع صورة كل شهيد ، و الناس مش حاسة ان الثورة رايحة لطريق منور

و لما اختارنا رئيس “شرعي” قلنا هتعرف نعارضه، اصل التاني من العسكر و هينزل جنوده تقتلنا ، زي ماغيره عمل، (يا لسخرية القدر) فعلا

بس في أقل من ٥ شهور، التعذييب في الأقسام زي ما هو ، قلنا يمكن لسه بيطهر، بس هو عين وزير داخلية من السفاحيين !!! فين التغيير يا ريس ؟
و ادى العسكر اللي قتل صحابنا اعلى وسام في البد !! فيين التطهيير يا ريس؟
و عين فلول في حكومته !!! فين العزل يا ريس؟
و كل ده بيعدي عادي !! بس قولنا نوصل كلامنا ، اتظاهرنا .. و بدأنا في نفس النمط ، تظاهر ، أعتصام …. لكن اكيد النمط هيتغير ، و يبقى في تغيير على طول بقى بدون إشتباك


زي ما هو، تظاهر، أعتصام و إشتباك …بدأ مع الشرطة … قتلوا مننا ناس … تاني؟؟ تااااني ؟؟
مفيش اسبوع نزلنتلنا مليشيات مسلحة !!!؟ نعم ؟؟؟ يعني مش عساكر ، بقوا مؤيدين للنظام؟زي موقعة الجمل كده
هو ايه الفرق بين مدني أو عسكري ماسك سلاح و بيقتل فينا ؟؟

فاض بينا خلاص ! مش هنفضل نتقتل و نقول اسمعونا، و محدش بيسمع، و نروح بيوتنا اكننا متظلمناش !!!و مفيش حد من صحابنا حقع رجع؟ هنفضل كده لحد امتى ؟

ليه الثورة أصبحت مسلحة ؟  عشان محدش بيسمعنا و لا بيفهمنا ، بيقتلونا بس … و القتل كتر ، و وجب الدفاع عن النفس !! عمر الثورة ما بدأت عنف ..دايما كان دفاع عن النفس، و نستنى تغيير. لكن واضح ان الثورة هتضطر تغير النمط … و هيبقى في تسلح لتغيير النمط، أو تسريعه

 للأسف، الإنسانية قربت للعدم، بسبب العناد و الطغيان. سنتين يا كفرة بتقتلوا فينا! و مش عازين ندافع عن نفسنا !؟ العين بالعين ، والسن بالسن و البادي أظلم


أيات المنافق، سيادة الرئيس

 هذا تجميع لبعض العنواين، تعب فيها ناس غيري، و نشرت في اماكن كثيرة، و انا جمعتهم بس في مكان واحد، عشان نكون كتبنا سطر من التاريخ، حتى لا ننسى

 قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم “آية المنافق ثلاث إذا حدث كذب وإذا وعد أخلف وإذا أؤتمن خان”

انا هنا عشان اتكلم عن الكلام و عكسه .. عن شخص قال كلام وكذب و منفذوش، و قال وعود وأخلفها و منفذهاش، و أمن أمانة و خان الأمان
سيدي الرئيس، لقد كذبت علينا، مرة تلو المرة، و قدمت المبررات و ساندك إعلامك، و صدقك مؤيدونك و أثبت انك لست رئيسا للمصريين، و لكن رئيسا لجماعتك فقط. سيدي الرئيس، كذبك زاد من حدة الإستقطاب في أول شهور حكمك. كان يمكن ان تدخل التاريخ الأبيض من أوسع أبوابه، و لكن قررت انك تكون مثل الرؤساء السابقين

لقد قلت احاديث كثيرة و في أخر حديث لك في التلفزيون المصري، تموهت كثيرا و تهربت من اسألة كثيرة مهمة و شابه حديثك الخداع والكذب. قلت لا يوجد تهجير لأقباط و قللت من شأن مشاكل المجتمع و قلت انك قابلت المعارضة للحديث عن الإعلان الدستوري و لم يحدث  “قال المستشار أحمد مكي، وزير العدل، إن الإعلان الدستوري الأخير الذي أصدره الدكتور محمد مرسي، رئيس الجمهورية، كان يقتضي حواراً مع القوى السياسية قبل إصداره“، و قلت انك حادثت مستشارينك و ها هم يستقيلون ! لقد تحدث كثيرا و كذبت كثيرا، سيدي الرئيس

وعودك التي أخلفتها لا تعد و لا تحصى، و من قبل الرئاسة حتى، وعدت بالحوار الوطني و وعدت بعدم طرح الدستور للإستفتاء إلا بتوافق و أخلفت، و وعدت بإعادة التوافق الى اللجنة التأسيسية و أخلفت و ها هو محتوى اللجنة من أعضاء صوتوا على المسودة النهائية وعدت بعدم “قصف أقلام أو غلق قنوات” و أخلفت و تستمر في خلف وعودك سيدي الرئيس

الأمانة…. أمنت على شعب مصر، فقتل في عهدك، الأطفال و الشباب و الرجال العزل، أُمنت ان تحترم القانون و الدستور و خنت الأمانة بإعلانك الغير دستوري، و ها انت تشعل الفتنة بيدك، و لماذا؟ لتنال سلطة مطلقة؟ لتحمي الشعب من مؤامرة في الطريق؟ في الحالتين، هل تظن ان الشعب ابله؟ أو فقد الأمل في الحرية؟ لن يحكمنا ديكتاتور بعد ٢٥ يناير

المزيد من المقالات و الفيديوهات التي تدل على كل ما سبق

مرسي: إقالة المشير إعلاءً للديمقراطية.. ولن أستخدم “التشريع” إلا في أضيق الحدود ، و كان “أضيق الحدود” إعلان دستوري بجلالة قدره

حتى انا أسف يا ريس مسكت غلطات الحوار … حاجة تقهر والله. تحليلات لما قاله الرئيس في حواره مع التلفزيون المصري

  وعود بلا انجازات

الرئيس محمد مرسي مع الإعلامي يسري فودة قبل أسبوعين من انتخابات المرحلة الثانية .. يتحدث عن حملة صفحة كلنا خالد سعيد التي طالبته بإعادة تشكيل التأسيسية .. الرئيس مرسي طلع بيان الصفحة من جيبه وقال: أنا موافق على الكلام ده كله .. والنهاردة الرئيس مرسي بدل ما حتى يعمل توافق وطني حقيقي كما وعد ويتواصل مع الـ 26 عضو اللي انسحبوا من الجمعية .. قرر مع أعضاء الجمعية على انهاء الدستور في 24 ساعة لدرجة إن اللي حضروا بالاحتياطي كانوا 85 عضوا .. وكمان قرر بعدها بساعات بإعلان طرح الدستور للاستفتاء بدون أي حوار حقيقي

الرئيس مرسي لا ينفك ان ينكث بالعهد تلو العهد ويخل بالوعد تلو الوعد .. الفيديو ده تسجيل لكلمة السيد الرئيس في احتفالية نقابة المحامين يوم 11 أكتوبر 2012 (يعني فقط منذ اقل من شهرين)!

عند الدقيقة 11:40 يقول السيد الرئيس: “لن يكون لمصر ابدا دستور -كما يقول البعض- يعبر عن فئة دون اخرى .. الشعب المصري مش هيوافق .. مسؤوليتي أن أعرض هذا المقترح بدستور على الشعب بحرية تامة وأمانة كاملة”

الأهم بقى يجي عند الدقيقة 14:50
يقول السيد الرئيس: “لن أعرض المقترح على الشعب الا إذا رأيت توافقا من الكل قبل ان يعرض .. هذا أمر منتهي .. هذا أمر منتهي”

يذكر أنه بمجرد استلام السيد الرئيس المسودة النهاية لمقترح الدستور بألامس 1 ديسمبر 2012 من رئيس لجنة بدأت بـ 150 عضو -اساسي واحتياطي- وانتهت بـ 86 عضو فقط، أعلن سيادته بعدها بدقائق عرض المقترح على الاستفتاء يوم 15 ديسمبر 2012!!

شكر الرئيس محمد مرسي المحكمة الدستورية و قال فيها اشعار و على مدى شفافيتها و على انه كيان مهم و حاليا، بداية من ١ ديسمبر ٢٠١٢ ، يحتل مؤيدينه و يحاصرون المحكمة الدستورية في المعادي، و يقال انها كيان “فلول” و كيان فاسد هدفه حل التأسيسية و الشورى و ده فيه خراب للبلاد، و لذلك تم الإستعجال في مسودة الدستور و طرحها للإستفتاء على الشعب، في حالة قررت المحكمة يوم ٢ ديسمبر بحل اللجنة، و من هنا تكون قد تمت عملها فيكون الحكم “فشوش” و ليس له قيمة

كلمة الرئيس للمحكمة الدستورية

و يوجد ايضا وعود وعدها للقوة الوطنية شخصيا، و كان في إجتماع في فندق فيرمونت وحوى هذا اتفاق فندق ”الفيرمونت” على ستة وعود، عددها الناشط وائل غنيم في تعليق كتبه على موقع التواصل فيسبوك؛ حيث تمثلت في التأكيد على الشراكة الوطنية والمشروع الوطني الجامع الذي يعبر عن أهداف الثورة وعن كافة أطياف، ومكونات المجتمع المصري ويمثل فيها المرأة والأقباط والشباب… و السعي لتحقيق التوازن في تشكيل الجمعية التأسيسية بما يضمن صياغة مشروع دستور لكل المصريين، الشفافية والوضوح مع الشعب في كل ما يّستجد من متغيرات تشهدها الساحة السياسية”. المصدر

طب باقي ايه؟ ماهو الجواب بيبان من عنوانه، و مرسي أصبح رئيسا شرعي للإخوان و أسرع رئيس غير شرعي  شعبه كرهه

عندما تحدث الرئيس، فقط :

Nasr City Marches Against SCAF

CAIRO: Hundreds marched Tuesday in the upper middle class neighborhood of Nasr City west of Cairo to denounce military rule.

The march, which is part of popular street action to expose “military violations” in different neighborhoods, began with tens of protesters at the Labor University who chanted against military rule, as more people joined them to reach about 1,000.

The march demanded that the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) hand over power to civilian rule as well as the trial of those who killed protesters, including army and police generals, since Jan. 25.

“I didn’t expect it to be this big. I didn’t think we would get as much support from the street. Nasr City wasn’t as politically active as downtown Cairo, however we had marches back on Jan. 27 and 29 but they weren’t as big as this,” said Hazem Sadek, 21, university student.
Protests are a rare sight in Nasr city and the nearby Heliopolis neighborhoods, two middle class neighborhoods known for their shopping malls.

“We got great responses from the people in the street. I saw them chanting with us from their homes and cheering us in their cars. The revolution has reached out of Tahrir and it’s everywhere now,” Sadek added.

Ahmed Nabil, 27 and a Nasr City resident, said, “We are the January 25 youth and we will be back to Tahrir on Jan. 25, 2012.”

Women dominated the march, chanting in solidarity with the iconic protester who was beaten and stripped to her bra in Tahrir Square on Dec. 17.

“Egyptian women are a red line,” they chanted along with other slogans against military rule.

“I’m proud of Egyptian women,” Nabil said. “I didn’t know we had this many revolutionary women in Nasr City.”

“I came from Heliopolis to support the Nasr City march,” said Hadeel Gamal, a 16-year-old high school student. “We want SCAF to leave. We held a similar march in Triumph Square in Heliopolis [last Thursday]. These marches are the best way to reach more people and show them the truth.”

By 7:30 pm the march had reached about 1,500 protesters. It was cordoned off by organizers to make sure it does not disrupt traffic.

“I’m volunteering to make sure we don’t disrupt traffic so they don’t claim that we are harming the economy. We are peaceful protesters,” said Ahmed Hussein.

Yet one man expressed his discontent.

“You are foreign agents,” he said, addressing the protesters, “you are thieves.”

“We need stability,” another couple said, as protesters handed out flyers outlining army violations.

They also handed out stickers and sprayed graffiti saying “Down with Military Rule” and “SCAF are Liars” during the march.

“We are telling people the truth that the state media doesn’t show. When the next confrontation with SCAF happens, we will need the masses to join us,” said Abdel Rahman Khedr, a Nasr City resident.
A similar march is planned for Thursday.

Parliament won’t kill the revolution nor meet its demands, says released activist

CAIRO: The ongoing elections will help the revolution, but only if street movements stayed as strong, activist Alaa Abdel Fattah said a day after his release from prison pending investigations.

“Both [elections and street action] can work together and help achieve the radical change the country needs,” Abdel Fattah said from his family home on Monday. The family invited friends and media to celebrate his release.

Abdel Fattah, who was imprisoned pending investigations into his involvement in the Maspero violence in October, had voted in the elections from prison upon his request.

“The parliament will not kill the revolution, yet it will not meet all its demands,” he told throngs of journalists that crowded the small family apartment in Dokki.

“The masses in the street give more power to the parliament. We are helping them pressure the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, and we are not opposing them. No radical change will take place without street pressure,” he added.

Abdel Fattah, who organized earlier this year a panel inspired by micro-blogging website Twitter to bridge the gap between young Islamists and other activists, said he wasn’t surprised by the number of seats the Muslim Brotherhood got in the two phases of the elections so far.

He, however, was surprised by the gains made by the hardline Al-Nour Party, which came second to the MB’s Freedom and Justice Party.

“The country will move forward and the best way is to hand over power to this elected parliament,” he said.

The transition won’t be easy, he stressed, when asked about the option of a peaceful exit to the ruling military council. “They killed my friends; what peaceful exit are you talking about? Even if it takes us 10 or 20 years, we will put all the killers in jail.”

On Oct. 30, Abdel Fattah was detained by military prosecution pending investigation into charges of stealing weapons and planning for a terrorist plot along with 29 others in connection with Maspero violence. Earlier that same month, a military crackdown on a mostly Coptic protest left 27 dead.

Abdel Fattah refused to be interrogated by the military prosecution because the army was party of the crimes it was investigating and also because as a civilian he should stand before a regular civilian judge.

The case was later referred to state security prosecution and then to an investigations judge.

Ahmed Seif El-Islam, Abdel Fattah’s father and his lawyer, said his son’s case brought attention to the “No to Military Trials for Civilians” campaign and the Maspero case. He showed his confidence in the investigations judge whom he said would bring justice.

“The period the case stayed with the military prosecution was in our favor; the prosecution witnesses gave their statements and we will give our evidences to the judge next session. Twenty-eight defendants were released and one remains in custody,” Seif El-Islam added.

Abdel Fattah was released Sunday and headed to Tahrir Square with his first born Khaled, chanting against the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF).

“It was a message to SCAF that we will not give up and the revolution continues,” Abdel Fattah said.

Abdel Fattah, whose detention was seen as politically motivated, comes from the long line of activists. His father founded the Hisham Mubarak Law Center. Seif El-Islam missed the birth of his daughter, Mona, more than 20 years ago when he was imprisoned for his political activism. Like his father, Alaa Abdel Fattah missed the birth of his first born, Khaled.

“I’ve been trying to give Alaa a better life, and I’ve been fighting for that since I can remember. Unfortunately, my heritage for him was a prison cell,” the veteran lawyer said.

“Being a father changed me, but also made me fight harder for the right of getting a better life for Khaled, my son.” Alaa said.

This was the second time Abdel Fattah was detained. The first was in 2006 during activists’ solidarity with the independence of the judiciary movement.