Aspire Zone Foundation Earth Hour 2014 Campaign

This is one of my favorite campaigns I took part in.

In Aspire Zone Foundation, we cope very fast with new branding and trends, interactive back- and fore-grounds for twitter, or Logo/header intersections on Facebook.

We have done this with many campaigns, but this time, there is something cool about it.

It’s for earth hour, when the whole world goes black for an hour. We are adapting the “+” in “60+” in Earth Hour’s logo. We’re going black for 5 days instead of an hour.

Aspire Zone will go black on the day, March 29th, from 8:30om – 9:30pm

We have taken all our social media black for the day in a cool design of our iconic Torch Doha Hotel and Khalifa International Stadium

Here is the look and feel of our social media:

insta L&F

G+ L&F

facebook L&F

twitter - L&F


Google day in Egypt

So Today the 8th of December, I was invited to the first day of g|egypt days. It was for academics and students.  It was in a beautiful hotel/resort called  Dust Thani in new cairo. The atmosphere was lovely and some familiar faces and other excited ones. Everyone was here to see googlers , talk with them and see what they can offer. With high hopes the sessions began.

A keynote from the VP of product and engineering in the region and europe Mr.Nelson Mattos. It was a show off more than anything, however I was impressed with some of the demo’s he and Sebastian (Industry Relation Lead in the region) both showed us and tested live for the audience. They had noticeably strong loyalty to google, every googler in the event did. The presentations were nice and useful, like knowing some of the new apps like the Google conversation using translate and google voice commands. An instant translator to help you talk with people who don’t speak your language and vice versa (I’ve seen it before tho).

Now we had to make a choice, App Engine or Chrome extensions , those are two different google technology that we were supposed to get our hands dirty with and get our applications into a competition to see which is the best. So I choose Chrome extensions, oh boy did I regret that. The Session was a pure disaster, the guy was more than 30 minutes late and when he came, he started copy pasting code without even explaining. After a very horrible session, I decided to join my friends Mohammed Ashry and Essam Abdel-hady in the Google App Engine. Essam and Ashry came up with the idea of having a job market as our entry in the competition.

We started coding, I handled the design end (Html and CSS) Essam and Ashry handled the Code (Python). We missed 2 or 3 sessions to get the code done. We attended one of the last or maybe the last presentation given by our own Noha Salem ( ex TA in GUC ) it was about opportunities Google Gives to Students. Those are a lot, Internships , internships for women only, Google Summer of Code, Code Jam and I think it’s a bigger list.

After this nice session, it was judgement day, we’ve deployed our application online and we are ready to give a one minute demo. We were very excited, imagine presenting to more than 200 mostly engineers or teachers or doctors add to them Googlers. We were the second team up , Essam took the demo actions and I took the Presenting.  Here we go. after about few minutes all we hear is applause and we were off the stage.

About 10 or 15 minutes later, the results are being announced, we were almost sure we gonna win this, by many reviews and feedback we were the best App, but that wasn’t the opinion of most of the judges. So the last presentation wins a HTC desire phone. Hate the guy much !? nah , only a little.

After all, It was a great day, I’ve met some new guys , I’ve worked with an AMAZING team and we went back home with GOOGLE t-shirts and mugs. But what I really went home with was inspiration, excitement and encouragement to be better, to be an awesome engineer like the googelers I’ve met today. I’ve always wanted to go work for google , but now it’s no longer a wish it’s a Goal.

That’s it guys,

those are the live search results for the Google days #gday and #gegypt on twitter.

And this is the quick presentation I wanted to present, but didn’t get the chance to.

Here are some pics of the Event.

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Organize Your Life Using Google Calendar

Have you ever tried organizing your meetings, schedules or outings and you end up forgetting one or more of them. Well after reading this post, Google Calendar will be your best friend. Google Calendar (as any Google App) is fast, simple and smart. It will help you organize and simplify your life and daily tasks through a nice interface and cool features.

To use Google Calendar, first you need a Google Account. If you don’t have one,  Sign up.

Google Calendar default view is week view, I personally like the month view, so I tend to set it up as my default. You can do that by accessing Settings>Calendar Settings>Default view. Also from the setting page you can add your starting week day ( Sunday, Monday, etc.), your location and set up your preferred language.]

Mobile Notifications

One of Google Calendar cool features that it supports Mobile notification. So you get all your reminders on your mobile, incase you are not on your computer. Enable that by going to Settings>Calendar Settings>Mobile Setup> Then add your Phone number then click Send Verification Code , in few seconds you will get a SMS that has that code. Enter it and you will get a verification message that your mobile has been registered.

This way you will get notified for your Events and the updates that happens instantly.

Creating an Event

You can create a new event in two simple ways. One of them is super fast, which just Click ‘q’ then type the event’s name. That will redirect you to the event’s page to edit the details. It will be set automatically to the day after unless you edit that.

The other way (which I usually use) is clicking on the day you want to create the event in, type then name then Edit event details >>.

In the event view window there are several things that can be done. First setting the time of the event (Whole day or a number of hours) then if this event will be repeated (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.). Then where will the event be and its description. The Calendar option is used if you have different calendar (Work, University, Sports, etc.)

Below you will find the reminders part. You can set it as you would like by changing the type of reminders to (Email , Pop-up or SMS). If you have a setting you would like to use every time you create an event go to Settings>Calendar Settings>Calendars –> Notifications then set them as you desire.

Daily Agenda

one of the cool features of notifications that Google Calendar can send you your daily agenda with a summary of what you have today. You can enable it from The notification tab of the calendar you want. You will receive your agenda at 5AM (your time) daily.

Add Calendars

If you have other calendars you found and want to add, it is a simple task, click Add in the Other calendars part and choose the option you want. You can browse Google’s recommended calendars, add your friends calendars or add the URL of a certain calendar. For more edits and options (Notifications and sharing), click Settings.

One of the great features in Google Calendar is the ability of creating multiple calendars for different purposes, yet you can share them with anyone.

Print or Save your Calendar

Now you can print or save your calendar as PDF. All you need to do is click on print, next to day | week | month   buttons. and Save As.. (which only saves in PDF) or print it.


Of course Google will never have an app without adding a lab for the employees to play in. Calendar has a small lab that has few extra features. You can browse them by clicking on the green test tube right next to Settings menu, in the top-right corner.

I would recommend adding Next meeting, since it tells how many days/hours/minutes left to your next meeting/event.

Chrome Extension

Another great extension for Google Calendar (if you are using Chrome) is Google Calendar for Today. It shows you the events you have today in a nice simple way.

Firefox Add-on

For Firefox users this is a nice add on to enhance Google Calendar. It adds many nice features that can be very useful. It’s called Better GCal. Here is a nice article to get started with it.

That’s it guys, Hope you find this useful for your professional and personal life. If you have any suggestions or any experience/feature with Google Calendar you wanna share, Don’t hesitate to comment.

What Makes Google Chrome Super Cool

Google Chrome spreading like zombies! Once you try it, you don’t really quit it. It is just simple and fast. Not that flexible to personalize like Firefox, but still has many nice features. It comes after Firefox as the #2 best web browsers, some Google fans think it will become the #1 soon , specially after releasing their stable version and their support on Linux-Ubuntu.

Google Chrome is as fast as lightning, sound wave and even than shooting a potato through a very long pipe !!!

Check out the speed test video.

These are the things that makes chrome just Cool.


Chrome Support adding some cool extensions and does not require restart. Here are some useful extensions for personal use and web development. And this is Google’s extension gallery.


Also Chrome supports adding themes. Check out these themes. Also you can find other themes in the extension gallery themes.

Sync Passwords and bookmarks

You can easily sync your bookmarks and passwords with your Gmail and use them on any other computer you use. Just go to settings menu on the right top corner then Options > Personal Stuff tab > Bookmark Sync .

Desktop Shortcut

A cool way to have a shortcut to your favorite web application or web site. Just visit that website/web app and click on the Page menu right next to the settings menu , then Create application shortcuts..   And you are done !

Developers Tool

This tool is for inspecting elements and debugging JavaScript. It’s simple and very useful for web development. You can access it from the Page menu > Developer >  Pick One.

Private Browsing

The incognito mode, helps you have a private browsing with no history saved. Ctrl+Shift+N and you’ve got a new tab with private browsing.

And the reason why Google Chrome super cool is.

It’s Just Fast !!

Google Chrome is my default web browser for only one reason. This is the same reason that makes it Super Cool.

Microsoft Office Hits the Cloud

yes, the Giant joins the fight and enters the cloud world. We might see a nice fight between Microsoft and Google on this one.

Microsoft adds its famous Office on the cloud, with the main features ( Word, Excel and Power Point). One huge step forward for Microsoft which really needed after everyone is trying to knock that giant down. What smart about online Office is that they are using the exact same usual Office 2007/2010 interface, the upper bar with the usual buttons. In my opinion that what gives online Office the advantage, since millions are familiar with that interface and use it daily. And since people don’t really like to change -Sometimes- they would look for the familiar application and use it – Which is what I think Microsoft’s strategy all about –

Microsoft now started a battle with Google , since the later had their own version of Google Docs. An online web application for writing, editing and sharing documents and presentations. Google Docs added some new features few weeks ago when they added Draws and some interface enhancements. I personally use Google Docs, which I found very easy, simple and smart. But after having the new online Office, I might be one of the first people to switch.

Microsoft’s online Office is called ( Docs ! ) Yes, they called it docs !

It’s still a beta version yet working properly. Another smart move about it, that you can sign in using your Facebook account. Easy signing in, no registration and no forms to fill. You can share your docs too and see who is viewing or editing the docs as Facebook profiles.

These are simply the best things about the new Office Online.

Same Familiar Interface

It has the same usual known Microsoft Office interface, the upper sliding bar and the same buttons and features in the Editor View.

In other views, they have a familiar Facebook-like interface, same buttons and font.

Same Keyboard Shortcuts

They are using the famous shortcuts that we all use in Office. CTRL-B/I/U  and other well known keyboard shortcuts.

Upload a Document

Just like Google Docs, online Office give you the ability to upload a document. Of course they only support Microsoft’s files ( .doc , .docx , .ppt , .pptx and Only .xlsx for Excel).

Facebook + Microsoft

You can login using your Facebook, so no forms or registration.  And you can share your documents with friends on Facebook and add them as viewers or editors.

Post to Wall

Every document has a “wall” , another way of chatting or saying what you want to people who have access to that document. Can be used as a chatting wall , or observation and comments wall.

Open in Word

Now this is funny, I was using Google Chrome and I tried to test this feature and I got a message says

This browser and Office combination does not support direct editing of online documents. Instead, you may download the document, edit it in Microsoft Word, and upload back as a new version.

However this feature works on Internet Explorer 8, which I almost forgot that it exists. Maybe that’s one of the strategies to welcome IE9 and make more users switch to it.

Judging by the quality of work Microsoft is doing lately, I am sure we gonna see a new browser that will get  the crown back to the giant .

That’s it guys, No bonus this time 😛 .  Thanks for reading.

9 Must Have Chrome Extension for Web Developers 

Google Chrome is one the most used browsers on the web. It’s super fast yet efficient. Many web developers test their applications on Chrome, also use it for their personal use. Chrome is known for security and their many useful extensions.

This Post will introduce some very useful extensions for web development cycle and also for the personal use .

If you are a Firefox user don’t feel left out, here is a similar article for you. Click on me.

Start first with some useful tools for development, Then the usual Bonus 😉 .

1) FireBug Lite

FireBug lite is a tool for web developers, that allows you to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. It’s taken from the Firebug version for the Mozilla Firefox Web browser.

2) Web Developer tools

This is also one of the known Firefox add-ons and this is the Chrome version of it . It is a cool tool for viewing and debugging webpage elements and features. It has a simple Interface that is easy to use.

3) JQuery Shell

Javascript is getting popular isn’t ? Specially the magical JQuery. This tool will help you get along with it, test it and try some JQuery , Javascript in the current webpage. It is a very nice tool for experimenting and learning both Javascript and JQuery.

4) MeasureIT

Here is also another Firefox extension. It is for measuring any element in the page , height and width of any element in the webpage.

5) Blank Canvas Gmail Signature

This one for Gmail users, to add a nice HTML elements as a signature, make it look nice and professional. It is mainly for adding images in the Gmail signature. I couldn’t live without it !

6) One Number

Since you are using Google browser, most probably you are a fan of Google and their web apps. This extension makes you updated with the famous Google web apps ( Gmail , Reader , Wave and Voice ) all in one icon , which looks nice, yet the interface is editable.

Bonus Extensions

Since you are cool viewers , here is the usual Bonus Part.  Some useful personal-use extensions just for you.

7) Session Manager

Well, this extension is pretty simple and cool. This one saves the Opened tabs in Chrome for maybe a later review or just saves your basic tabs, the ones you usually opens Chrome at. Many uses, simple interface.

8) RSS Subscription Extension

This is the only extension that I am surprised that Chrome didn’t really come with. It adds the RSS feeds icon to the address bar for easy subscription to your favorite blogs, website and other RSS feeds.

9) Shareaholic

Here is one of the cool ways to share anything u like over tens of social network websites. with only one click . Share it to all your friends.

That’s it guys

Hope you liked the posts

Ideas for Mobile applications

Hey Everyone,

Today we had a very nice day in uni. It was a workshop in the HCI ( Human Computer Interaction ) course , and a lot of Nice technologies were presented in the best way.

Silverlight & WPF   By mohammed Azab

Flex and flash        By Saher El Naklawy

JAVA me               By Bahia

Andriod                 By Mariam

Actually I was interested in Android. Android is the new  mobile Operating System that google lunched very recently.

So basically I’m interested into creating new mobile application , However android is a very rich OS , it supports multi-touch , drag and drop and a lot of the cool features in any sophisticated mobile.

Anyways , the point of this post , is to get Ideas in Mobile application , what have you ever faced or needed in your mobile !

any type of application, or maybe a game you wanted in your mobile , ( please not SIMS )

share some ideas with me ….