Klout Mobile is here, and I LOVE it

kloutAnyone who works in Social Media marketing, or a social media geek knows Klout. It’s simply a magical tool that tells you how “influential” are you in social media. The rate is up to 100. And anything above 55 is good.


Oh, it’s showing off time…. according to Klout, I’m the 75th most influential person on twitter back in 2011


Back to Klout, so this tool has been on the web for a while now, not very insightful, it just tells you, you’re good at this and that, but doesn’t help you get better. Just a few tips here and there, but that’s it.

Now, Klout has gone mobile, and it’s very good.

You can select types of information you’re already influential in or trying to be, and Klout will suggest you a stream of different articles to read and share.

You can schedule posts on Klout directly. It might be glitchy for now, but this tool is promising.

Take a look at the app.

so far it’s only on iOS, and Android will follow soon.


Aspire Zone Foundation Earth Hour 2014 Campaign

This is one of my favorite campaigns I took part in.

In Aspire Zone Foundation, we cope very fast with new branding and trends, interactive back- and fore-grounds for twitter, or Logo/header intersections on Facebook.

We have done this with many campaigns, but this time, there is something cool about it.

It’s for earth hour, when the whole world goes black for an hour. We are adapting the “+” in “60+” in Earth Hour’s logo. We’re going black for 5 days instead of an hour.

Aspire Zone will go black on the day, March 29th, from 8:30om – 9:30pm

We have taken all our social media black for the day in a cool design of our iconic Torch Doha Hotel and Khalifa International Stadium

Here is the look and feel of our social media:

insta L&F

G+ L&F

facebook L&F

twitter - L&F

Citizen Journalism 101

Citizen Journalism
Citizen Journalism is an important task for those of us who are interested into getting news from the spot and as fast as possible. These days we can barely trust our media; so alternative media is a must. One of the most reliable, self-correcting alternative media is Citizen Journalism, why? Because -as the picture says- “We Report without Fear or Favor”. Here is some advises on how to be efficient in what you can do best, most of these heard them and learned them from great journalists by profession or by passion.

Clothes: First what you are wearing, always wear your comfy clothes to events like a protest or a sit-in, try to wear a dark t-shirt or a shirt, preferably black – since it’s not an eye-catching color – Wear pants, I believe it protects your legs a bit especially if there is a rock fight or something similar. Wear shoes of course, for the same reason, anything that you feel comfortable wearing.

Tweeting: if you just made it into the event, first of all tweet that you are there. Ask as many eye witnesses as you can before you tweet any un-confirmed information. When you tweet about the situation you are in, try to take pictures if possible, describe the numbers and what’s going on. Try to be brief, if you can write it in one tweet it would be perfect. If you will tweet it in series of tweets use the form of (1/2 – 2/2) or (cont.). When you are tweeting try to get far from the action before you do, tweet all you want then get back, a guy looking at his phone in the middle of a fight is an easy target. Use hashtags in all your tweets.

Blogging: Write, Write, Write. Everything you see and everything you witness, writing has a huge credibility. Write at least once a week, create a blog for free, if you don’t want to, you can write a note on facebook and make it public. Read about what you want to write about to form a solid opinion about the subject. Share your writings with other bloggers and friends and ask for feedback. Always add links, pictures or videos of the subject to make the piece more interesting. Check out these blogs:



Photography: The clothing rules are used here as well, and even more important if you are carrying a camera.  Take pictures of the whole scene if it’s something big. Zoom in to a person or a group in a picture that summarizes the situation, for example if it’s a rock fight; zoom on someone who’s throwing a rock. Make the picture more human by trying to capture emotions and movements in the picture. A Picture is worth 1000 words.  Examples of great photographers:

Videos: if a picture is worth 1000 words, then a video is worth 10,000 pictures. Taking videos to me is as important as the protest. Videos document the day and what happened that day. Always take videos of important things, keep the camera on standby and don’t abuse the battery to have it running as long as you are there. Before you leave, take statements from witnesses. Try to get a zoomed footage of evidences like this.  Those are two of the best video takers/makers I know:


Most important, don’t stay alone for too long and stay safe. Keep your phone charged of all time, and try to carry an extra one. Once it runs out of battery if you are not doing anything important go somewhere and charge it.


How I got a Camera from Twitter

It all started when I tweeted “Donate for me to get a new camera and I will get you all new profile pictures #DonateForSheshtawy”. I tweeted it as a joke, or at least showing everyone how bad I needed the camera, maybe I will get it in my next birthday, lol. However I got serious replies from people who want to donate for me! I was touched, until this tweep mentioned me saying

“If I get you a camera would you get me a photography album about the revolution”
I answered “if you get me a camera I would make you a 2000-picture album”
so she answered, “Alright what is the camera type”

I just thought that woman must be crazy somehow!!!! She wanna get me a camera for real!?? So I answered with the camera I’ve been saving up for [and losing the money to fix my car or pay rentL] “it’s Cannon D550”

She answered “alright, me and my 3 kids will go to the store to get it”

I just thought that camera is expensive, so she would reply to me with, I’m sorry I couldn’t get it, it’s a bit expensive, how about I get you a bit cheaper camera. Which was okay, I mean the gesture of wanting to buy me a camera is the awesome part of the story.


Canon 550D

However, about 45 minutes later, I found a message in my twitter inbox says, “Your new friend” with an image of the camera!!!!!! She did buy me the Cannon D550!!!!  I was in a happy shock, a huge smile in my face I couldn’t really believe she did that! But she did. I told her you must be crazy to do such thing for a stranger, she answered me with a beautiful say “Life is crazy, all you gotta do is ask”

Sally Farid, is the lovely person who got me the camera, it’s beyond materialism what she has done. It’s just something that I can’t really describe; that she got me something I wanted from a while ago, and I hope I make her an awesome album as she deserves the best.

P.S: please send her a thank you tweet for putting a smile on my face for a long while, and for every time I use the camera and I remember this beautiful story

Thank you @SallyFarid

GUC is monitoring Twitter

Since Many people are asking about connecting to the Media and German Official Entities, many of us did too, here is the response from the German Ambassador : http://gucian-voice.blogspot.com/2011/04/ambassadors-statement.html

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Alright , this is how I know the GUC is monitoring Twitter.

In the last few weeks of March -right when the protests on its maximum-  I knew that my team (That I’m no longer part of ) and I got qualified to the Zayed University IT Project Competition finals. I wrote a tweet saying thank you #GUC (don’t know why , they didn’t do a thing) and mentioned the team in that tweet. Of course my tweet timeline was all negative about GUC and the situation that was going on.

Few days later. I knew that the University doesn’t want to sponsor the team , since “Mostafa Sheshtawy’ is in it. Now here is the thing: No one in the university Management not even academics knew about the competition. Even our supervisor didn’t mention it to anyone. So when I asked why is that!? My supervisor said it’s because your tweet. They knew the team and they knew about the competition from your tweet. And therefore they don’t want to sponsor you ( They eventually decided to sponsor only two members out of three -Doctor included- of the team, and when I said I will pay for my own expenses. All I wanted was a letter that i’m travelling for the competition, they refused as I’m “going for tourism” and not officially representing the GUC. They also said any absence will be counted normally and I could get my course dropped ).

So I asked the supervisor ONE simple question: ” Does that mean that the GUC is monitoring Twitter?? ” The answer was : ” Of course ” .

So yeah, The GUC is monitoring twitter. Most probably the IT department who has the limited capability to do such task. and then report them to the upper management. Or even one of their known spies that spy in the Facebook about students. This is just silly ! and invasion to students’ privacy. At least if you wanna do such a disrespectful thing. Do it right and don’t get caught. As Mr.Moataz Head of IT said ” المغفل بس اللي بيتمسك “ referring to the people who hack the system, but I find it quiet appropriate in this situation.

Let’s get the internet back in Egypt

Egypt now has internet and Blackberry Service

This post was written in the crisis of cutting off internet on Egypt.

I have become extremely frustrated about the amount of false news circulating the internet, twitter and facebook especially with internet being completely down in Egypt.

I am 100% sure NOOR DSL is still working in Egypt.

What about NOOR DIALUP? I have tried asking some people in Egypt (mobile phones work) to try connecting through NOOR DIALUP and just keep us posted.

So here is what we need to do


Let’s call reliable people in Egypt, lets have them online again.
Call them and tell them to use NOOR DSL and DIALUP

NOOR’s digital Network 0777 7770 ensures that you will have the fastest, most reliable connection possible.

Hotline 16700 +202 33334999

This is the facebook Page.

Other Sources

Telecomix We are now providing dialup modem service at +46850009990. user/pass: telecomix/telecomix

Egypt can use this number for dial up: +33172890150 (login ‘toto’ password ‘toto’) thanks to a French ISP (FDN)

Weekly Summary of My PostDaily

First I’d like to announce that I will be moving out of wordpress.com 😦   very soon to go to my own self hosted blog http://www.msheshtawy.com. I will post more details soon 🙂

So today Monday 11/01/11 ( which is a beautiful binary day I am celebrating ) is a mark of a week in the PostDaily Quest. I’ve been posting daily for a week now, and my views are getting higher each day. I’ve really loving this idea and I will keep my commitment to it.

In every week ( Monday ) I will write a summary of the previous posts and link to them for those who wanna check them out.

Day 1

I started the week on Tuesday with the Inspiring videos post, it was about Never give up. The videos are really inspiring and very encouraging.


Then Wednesday was the -geeky-  technical review post, it was for you tweeps, it was about TweetDeck and how awesome it is ( there is an update on this post if you already read it before).

Day 3

The Quick Tip day, it was a very simple 2-minutes post for windows users, about how to organize their accounts and maybe have a quick access account if the booting is too slow.

Day 4

The Personal Area post, was about a movie I watched that night. It was 127 hours. I had to post about how amazing this movie was. How inspiring and how it touched me personally. Check it out, the trailer is in the post 😉

Day 5

The Technical tip wasn’t really that technical, it was more of a boost for your productivity by using Focus Booster. Read more about this simple amazing tool.

Day 6

For all photographers – even though they are like ants now – the design post was about photography and some of the most beautiful pictures taken by cameras ( in my personal opinion ).

Day 7

This post is for programmers, mostly beginners in PHP, how to install it and get a step forward into being a geek.

That’s it,

So that was the past week. I really enjoyed writing those posts, and hopefully I will keep on writing more interesting posts. If you have any things you would like me to write about, please leave a comment with your topic and i’d be more than happy to discuss it around.